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Feeling awful

Well here we are, halfway through October & my Chilblains are already taking hold with a vengeance. Have my silver socks & gloves on, boots on my feet & am now having to layer up to go out & we're not even in the low single figures yet...

I had a flare up at the start of the month when every part of me felt swollen & achy, I felt so drained of energy but with the Youngest all sneezy it was written off as cold/flu... I now have that cold/flu & feel far better than I did during that flare up (why is it so hard to get Drs to listen to us). Now I just need to find better treatment for the Chilblains & I may just cope

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This might sound a bit mental, but is everyone getting enough exercise? Increased fitness improves heart function, blood volume, relaxes capillaries in the extremities, helps those with lower blood pressure, etc etc - interval body weight workouts for 20 mins a day is the most effective you can just get a free app interval timer.

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I agree about the weather . Woke up this morning and had dreamed that penguins were in my bedroom. It wasn't really that cold but to me I felt like I was in the Arctic. Layers increasing by the day etc.

I hope you stay warm and manage to avoid colds and flu.

Good luck with you chilblains. Can't help you there as not had them yet!

Best wishes Lynn


Whatever October or not I feel the same. But are you on any treatment. Do you see a rheumatologist? You can ask to be referred to the specialist.


I have had some improvement in my Raynaud's by taking fish oil. Research it.


Fish oil thins the blood, making it easier for it to get into the extremities. Talk to your Dr. If you start having nosebleed, you may need to decrease amount or stop for awhile.


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