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i need serious help with my chilblaines, any solutions please?


i have chilblains on my fingers i am using calamine lotion and balmosa cream but neither really give me any relief, on a night they burn up and get really itchy and im now fed up to a point of nearly crying

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hi Rich,

i'm so sorry about your discomfort. it sounds like you've really tried everything. how frustrating!

i dont know if it's helpful but the one and only time i had chilblains my doctor gave me a cortisone cream for them. they were on my hands and ohmygosh was it painful! i had no idea what was going on -- had never even heard of them outside a Charlotte Bronte novel!!! also, the doctor mentioned that anything that increased circulation to the effected area could help reduce them so i did some fairly intense stretching of my neck, shoulder and arm every day. lastly (and this was impossible for me so, good luck!) she said if i was going back and forth between outdoors and indoors during the winter that any time i could find a way to change temperatures gradually i might find that they didnt flare up so much. the only way i ever managed that was to run out and start my car and then go back inside while it warmed up so that the temp while i was driving wasnt so drastically different from my apartment/office. otherwise...no shoveling snow and no long walks in the cold...which was almost impossible for me at the time.

i hope that something helps soon! my thoughts are with you!

Rich - you have my heartfelt sympathy I suffer extensively with these nasty evil inflammations & they so hurt / itch etc I have tried many remedies & so far nothing truly elimminates them ... I was told that there was an ingredient called nicotinate that was in a cream taht used to be available & really helped & I have searched high & low for this online to no avail. Anyway in teh meantime I came across this one' Akilwinter ' I bought a tube om ebay it helps a little anyway ...I donlt find these natural herby remedies any good though needs somehting tough ...


Another I am about to buy is yuskinA Medicated Cream Ointment 120g (4.23oz) for Chilblains Frostbite Chaps it looks like you have better ingredients in this one ..always worth a try .

Do you suffer on fingers & toes with these evil itcy lumps....? Hope too hear back from you .Tc I won't say keep warm as I think that aggravates the little nasties ;(((


I find that nifepidine prescribed by the doctors opens the vessels and thereby gives relief from the raynauds and the chilblains - my chilblains form when ive been cold and then warm up - even if slowly

The podiatrist said to try thovaline on my toes.I haven't actually tried it myself , I understand you can get it on line. At first signs I usually put tea tree oil on and this seems to nip it in the bud. I find it so helpful in lots of ways. I have calcinosis on my knee cap which started to throb, I applied tea tree which brought some to the surface and in the bath I have managed to squeeze some out, and am continuing to do so.

Happy Christmas and a healthy happy new year to all.

Keep warm !!

Hi there as a P.S. I did actually see my GP & she has prescribed wwl.nhs.uk/Library/All_New_...

Capsaicin Cream -

I am yet to try it .... but might be worth a mention ....

I have sufered with bad circulation and chilblans for, at least ,the last twenty years,I found that 'Balmosa cream' works very well for me,it soothes the itchig,moisturises the dry skin and it, also opens up the capillaries to allow the blood flow (on the first application ,my hands looked like human hands and not some sort of zombies)

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