Hi. I'm Ana Martha

Hi. I'm Ana Martha

I was diagnose with Lupus SEL and Crest syndrome, scleroderma back in 1995

I noticed my mouth was getting smaller but I thought it was just me. Well in 2012. I had a chipped tooth so I went to the dentist and there is when someone else notice my mouth was smaller he sent me to a surgeon because he was not sure he could do the work I need and at first glance the specialist said to me humm open your mouth all the way she was standing in front of me she looked straight to my eyes and said you poor thing you have scleroderma don't you and I said yes. Please till me your health history so I began with my long long lest.. Lupus SEL, Fibromyalgia, scleroderma, osteoporosis, Gard Beretts esophagus, Crust Syndrome, depression, and a few others boy that's a lot. Yes it is and I have to dill with it everyday. After a long talk she suggested that I removed all of my teeth for the reason because my mouth was closing from the inside out and I won't be able to keep the clean and it would be hard for any dentist to work on them and teeth carrys a lot of bacteria and a lot of health problems come from our teeth no matter how clean we are. Well I went home talked to my family and did some research on it and gusse what I set up an appointment to remove all my teeth after my gums healed I went and me a set of nice white dentures it took me a while but I can eat anything my dentures have only 12 teeth on top and bottoms. I will be going to the dentist for an adjustment it's getting really hard to put my top denture on so the back will need to be cut somemore. Honestly I thought I was the only one having this problem.

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  • WOW!! just realising how serious this is. I didn't know I had Raynaud's,. Vasculitis or quite a lot of other things over the past 10 or so years. It was all in the private referral letter to Rhuemy I discovered this. Now I found I've also got osteoporosis and the cracked ribs on chest x-ray. No sign of pneumonia but I understand from others that autoimmune lung disease does not always show on x-ray. You are such a vibrant, beautiful lady and I really wish you well. Babs x

  • Babs1953

    Thank you very much, today was a good day so I took this picture hahaha, I don't always look nice I see myself as old and depressed in lot's of pain, I'm on so much pills it's not funny I have one of those weekly 4 times a day pill box you know morning, noon, evening, bedtime each of the little box has 3 to 5 pills in each. But I take them because my doctors till me to hahaha,

    I hope you have a awesome day tomorrow and always take care sweetie

  • Hi again, still reading. I have a blister pack too (that what we call the weekly medication reminder packs. Like yours, mine is full. Never mind, gives us something to do. I am dreading the winter here in the UK, I'm already feeling the cold. Have a good day. Take care and lots of gentle hugs. Babs x

  • My mouth is getting smaller. The dentist had to find a way to adapt.

  • Hi

    You look great in your picture despite your problems. I wish you luck and try to keep warm this winter. Best wishes Lynn

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