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Dentist and Sjorgens Syndrome

I have just been for my 6 monthly check up.  My usual dentist is on long term sick after a knee injury so they put me in with another dentist.   I wasn't happy at first as my usual one knows about scleroderma and its effects.   I was quite surprised with this one, I told her that I have recently been diagnosed with Sjorgens Syndrome and she knew at once what I meant.   After checking my teeth she said that I was prone to cavities because of the lack of saliva and she prescribed a high flouride toothpaste.  I now have two dentists at the practice that I will be most happy to see.

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Good to hear your dentist understands 😊 I have lots of problems with my teeth ( fillings dropping out) my dentist is aware that I have Crest syndrome and has never discussed it with me although she did say she has knowledge of it. I also suffer with dry mouth and i did not know that causes problems with my teeth 😒 I will try high fluoride toothpaste and hope that it helps .im not registered as a NHS patient and it is costing me a lot of money to keep having fillings replaced etc . Thank you for your information it all helps .Take care 


Yes I have the high  fluoride  toothpaste  .Read on how to use it . As it's better  not your wash it of your teeth . I also go to dentist  every 3 months . On NHS 

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Nice to hear some good news


Thank you for your reply.  Like you I am not entitled to NHS paid for treatment as I am not on benefits.   Speak to your dentist and see what he says.  


Nothing saved mine! Dentures are just awful. Good luck


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