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Help, sore, aching knuckles

Hello, I was diagnosed at the beginning of the year with Primary Raynauds, I have been trying various methods to cope with the symptoms but one that I am having lots of on going problems with is my knuckles. I often find they ache and swell, to the point that I have had to stop wearing and remove my wedding ring as my fingers and knuckles can increase and decrease so that my ring goes between too tight and lose within a few minutes or stays at either extreme for a period of time in a day. I am now suffering with stiff and achey knuckles as I am cold after being caught out in the rain earlier, even though I had gloves on and a warm drink. My hands seem to change with every temperature change that I feel which is often during a day. Any tips would be so so welcome. Thanks in advance.

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I sometimes have a hot decaf coffee with a little Irish whiskey. It works quickly I find.


Always always wear gloves, different thickness depending on seasons but I always keep mine on to try to prevent the temprature change issue. I have the exact same problems as you describe so you are not alone, it's tricky isn't it!


Thankyou Rp321 for your reply, I am sorry that you suffer the same but it is so nice to know I am not alone, you do start to feel rather isolated and wonder if you are going mad etc. I have been wearing gloves but shall be more aware to further. Take care


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