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throat pain?


I have had a gradually worsening throat pain on swallowing/yawning like it's sore - I've had a look in my throat and no sign of infection, it doesn't even look red. SSc with Hydroxychloroquine and Mycophenolate.

Bits along with it/at the same time (might not be related) : very tired, inflamed stomach, hands feel like someone has stomped on my fingers and have some tightness.

Does this sound like SSc or is it possible I have a virus?

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Hi The Bear tiredness and swollen and tightness of the finger tend to be normal with SSc, not sure about the issue with the throat. Need to speak to your Gp on consultant.


I am not sure about your pain in the throat but it reminds me of mine which is due to reflux from the acid in the stomach. It is common in Ssc. I am prescribed Esomeprasol for this. It helps but I am left with a chronic dry cough.


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