Changing fingerprints strike for the third time in a week!

Haha, so most of you will be familiar with your fingerprint changing and having to update fingerprint settings on your phone... I've just done it for the third time in a week 😱

This weather is playing havok with both my Raynauds and SSc...

I would say roll on summer, but I'm guessing we all know it's just as bad if not worse then (my SSc is awful in summer).

Thank the heavens for chocolate - which makes everything better 😁

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  • Hi gindy, this is interesting, I don't know about fingerprint changes but I do know that often my iPad won't recognise mine and I have to change it! Is this a common feature with raynauds?


  • ExtremeDuvetDaze yes it's a common thing with Raynauds/SSc. I've had this convo on here before, so I know I'm not the only one who it affects. It's atm because of these paper cut type things I think. They are agony and go quite deep, but they also change your fingerprint lol.


  • Thanks gindy now I know that it's me and not my iPad! I get awful slits like papercuts at the top edge of my nails and yes they are bloomin' agony, it's amazing how such a tiny cut can be so painful especially when my fingers are completely devoid of blood it's excruciating 😖 Xx

  • Yup, they are the most painful thing for me at the minute. It really robs you of any kind of functionality of your hands, especially when there's 3-4 fingers with them...

    There's times when I use siri to text as I can't face even Swype typing.

    This latest cold snap has sent the paper-cuts into overdrive, but I've come to expect it now.

  • I totally feel for you, and we're in for some more freezing weather by Thursday ☹️☃️🌨

  • Yup so they say, hah that's if they get it right! Living on the south coast means we often scrape past the coldest weather, but when the wind comes in off the sea we get it quite badly.

    I've been asked many a time why I live right on the coast with my condition. The answer is simple, I'm happiest here so this is where I'll stay 😁

  • Couldn't agree more, ❤️ the south coast its beautiful, I'm a born and bred south easterner 😃....although saying that I am suffering with horrible hot flushes so it's a mixed bag at the moment I'm not really looking forward to the summer, it's great for Raynauds ( mostly) but not so great for SLE and hot flushes, my thermostat is well and truly on the blink...😖😫

  • You are so right, chocolate is a gift from the gods! Sadly I must now look for a less calorific gift from the gods, as my knees do not appreciate the increased burden it puts on them!

  • cpns I'm actually into my fourth month of my first ever diet 😱 I've lost 12.5kg and am still going...

    I've not that far to go now though, and have allowed myself a small square of chocolate now and then. It really was quite the addiction if I'm honest, but it's just so, soooo good lol 😋

    Moving forward I'll allow myself the odd chocolate treat, but just won't eat several bars a day, every day 😂

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