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I'm desperate for help!

Ive had systemic scleroderma, RA and Raynauds etc. for 14 years. One of my fingers has been numb and purple from the knuckle to the tip of my finger for 5 days! I'm in severe pain like a rubber band has been on my finger for 5 days. It's getting harder for me to move my finger and it's always cold literally I haven't had circulation for 5 days straight. The last time this happened it was just the tip of my finger and it eventually died and fell off but this time it's my whole finger I can't loose my whole finger! ive done everything to help it such as heating pad, nitroglycerin, and a light that is for circulation nothing has helped. It's my left arm and now I'm having pain in my wrist. please help me figure out what to do I haven't been to the dr yet because I know more about my illness then they do

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What a nightmare for you! So sorry - I only have RA and what is believed to be mild Raynaud's plus Sjogrens so I'm out of my depth with this but I'm sure someone more experienced from this community will come in and be more helpful soon.

Just one suggestion - can you get an emergency appointment with your rheumatologist or phone a helpline if your GP is no good for this? I know there are rheumatologists who specialise in Raynauds and Scleroderma - do you have one you can contact urgently regarding your poor finger?


My rheumatologist is in Houston I live in elpaso that's the only bad thing so it's hard to see her. And I wonder if they see this situation as serious or an emergency because the pain is slowly spreading up my arm no other finger though but the one. It's the pointer finger only.. Hopefully I can call and actually speak to her before its too late because I don't know how long my finger can last without blood. Maybe there's a home remedy or something that I can do while I wait to talk to the doctor. Hopefully someone can help me. Thank you for responding :)


Sorry I guess I assumed you were based in the UK where things would be nearer. My forefinger was the worst affected of all by my RA when it got bad pre- diagnosis. The physio said if I didn't exercise it daily then I may lose the use of it because it wouldn't bend. Not the same I know but I do know how important the forefinger is. Emergency room perhaps? Twitchy x


Yeah I forgot to mention my hands are already stuck permanently in a closed fist position they've been like this for years so the numbness that's been happening was sudden and out of the blue. Excercising it seems to help so I'll keep doing it until it gets better. Thank you for the advice :D


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