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Polymyositis, scleroderma and Raynaud's


I am curious to find out if anyone in the UK have managed to attain a Disability Living Allowance? I have Polymyositis, scleroderma and Raynaud's. If you have applied - were you successful? Or were you refused? Thanks.

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I have these 3 illnesses.My doctor told me that with the Scleroderma/Polymyositis overlap I had a milder form of each. You won't qualify for any kind of allowance except for ESA while you are off work and after about a year you will be expected to return to work. I was. I spent the year off work walking every day, I didn't want to be a cripple so I walked myself fit. I want to be able to travel and not be looked after by someone else. However nice it would be to stay home and get money instead of going to work I preferred not to.

Unless you are really struggling to walk, and I was at the beginning, they won't give you anything. The days of easy money are past. I think a lot of the people who get DLA now must be good actors.

I hope your health improves, if you have a good rheumatologist it will make a big difference.

Hi, I am seriously pissed off, have today received a letter from PIP and they have refused me an allowance but suggested that I might be entitled to other benefits though it is up to me to find out. Am I supposed to go from a chemo session to work and fall asleep. I have been unable to work for a year and have not received a penny in sick pay. It has been suggested that I contact Macmillan for info. I have found people online who charge to help with getting benefits but am yet to find the charities that help for free. Sorry to rant but today is not a good day and the mail was the final straw. Good luck with your claim.


perelik1 in reply to Helen58

HI Helen,

I'm not sure if this link will help, Benefits and Work [campaign@benefitsandwork.co.uk] they have lots of information on how to deal with PIP.

Helen58 in reply to perelik1

Thank you for the info, I will research further :)

Hi Helen . Jacqui here , I got on touch with Macmillan , all they told me was if you have less than £6,000 in the bank you are exempt from payment of council tax. Speak soon, x

Thanks Jacqui, I will be in touch soon. XX

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