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Anabolic Steriods and scleroderma

yes i know it is bad for you in general but i have a wedding coming up and want to be wearing my suit on my special day.

at the minute there is no clear sign of any organ involvement just tight skin and ulcers on tips of fingers but the skin is tight every were on my body.

i have had shorten breath before but that seems to come and go for some reason.

if anybody could give me some advice on the matter if it would have a big change to my illness and could make me a hell of alot worse off or what not that would be great

i was looking to take NAP50s but someone told me it might be better to needle form on test 400 and decker as alot less stress on the kidneys, i am 23 years old not that it has much to do with it as every case on scleroderma is different


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Sorry but do you mean cortosteroids rather than anabolic steroids? Anabolics are the ones taken by cheating athletes whereas cortosteroids are the ones taken by people like us with diseases of the immune system. I've not heard of the ones you are asking about but you could benefit from an intramuscular shot of a steroid such as Kenalog? Or else a course of oral costosteroids such as Prednisolone perhaps - just to tide you over? Is this what you mean? In which case it would be well worth asking your doctor for one or these options.

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I would ask my rheumatologist...your gp doctor might not have full knowledge of Sclero. I was taken off steroids because of breathing difficulties and other I would be a bit cautious until you see rheumatologist for advice. Good luck on the day though and hope all goes well for you.

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Hello. I have read and reread your post, but I am wondering what advice you are looking for. I am not familiar with the drug names you mentioned. Have you got these names right?

Best wishes



anabolic steriods are just what people use that go to the gym

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Sorry TMinney999 I can't help as I only have Raynauds not Scleroderma too but I would suggest you come off the steroids.

A friend of mine used them to buff up and ended up depressed and tried to take his own life.

He became so moody and aggressive his fiancé left him.

They are not good for you.


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