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Handwarmers for treating Raynaud's

Hi there,

I suffer with Raynaud's since I had my first daughter 9 years ago, it started with only one or two fingers at the time but now it is getting more frequent and more intense.

I was wondering if anybody has any experience with electronic handwarmers? I like the idea of carrying something in my bag that I could use to warm up my hands instantly when out and about..

There are a few selling on amazon. Anyone has any experience with those?


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Hello warmheartz, I have used HOT ROX electronic hand warmers, you can buy them on the SRUK site. Hope this helps x

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Wow - I had never seen these before, I think I will have to buy some. I use the old fashioned ones (Hotties) and buy a big box each time as it is much cheaper that way. I also have heated gloves from Blazewear.

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I use the HOT ROX too and I wouldn't be without them


Hi i have the Peacock ones that run on lighter/white petrol get nice and "hot" very safe as no flames/smoke/fumes etc as a catalyst action pop one in each pocket can run more than 12hrs in a go they come in three sizes.

Peacock are made in japan there are others like the Zippo etc.

The catalyst caps/tops are replaceable if burn out as use a platinum wool.

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My husband bought me a HOTT one now and so far I absolutely love it.

Really really long battery life, don't need to recharge very often which is good for me.

Good thing is that is works as a power bank too so can be useful to recharge the phone on the go.

I will keep you posted but very happy with it so far.

p.s. he bought it from Amazon


Hi, I always have a hot rox in my bag - very useful and it works well. I recharge it on my laptop when I'm wasting time on the internet. I also have a pair of the 'silver' gloves which I wear inside a pair of knitted mittens. These gloves work for me better than the pair of sheep skin lined leather gloves which cost me £50. I bought gloves and hot rox on the SRUK website. I think you can also get these items on Amazon at the same price - I think it's good to support the SRUK website though.


They're lifesavers for me. And, don't get me started on electric gloves...


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