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Handwarmers for treating Raynaud's

Hi there,

I suffer with Raynaud's since I had my first daughter 9 years ago, it started with only one or two fingers at the time but now it is getting more frequent and more intense.

I was wondering if anybody has any experience with electronic handwarmers? I like the idea of carrying something in my bag that I could use to warm up my hands instantly when out and about..

There are a few selling on amazon. Anyone has any experience with those?


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Hello warmheartz, I have used HOT ROX electronic hand warmers, you can buy them on the SRUK site. Hope this helps x

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Wow - I had never seen these before, I think I will have to buy some. I use the old fashioned ones (Hotties) and buy a big box each time as it is much cheaper that way. I also have heated gloves from Blazewear.


I use the HOT ROX too and I wouldn't be without them


Hi i have the Peacock ones that run on lighter/white petrol get nice and "hot" very safe as no flames/smoke/fumes etc as a catalyst action pop one in each pocket can run more than 12hrs in a go they come in three sizes.

Peacock are made in japan there are others like the Zippo etc.

The catalyst caps/tops are replaceable if burn out as use a platinum wool.

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My husband bought me a HOTT one now and so far I absolutely love it.

Really really long battery life, don't need to recharge very often which is good for me.

Good thing is that is works as a power bank too so can be useful to recharge the phone on the go.

I will keep you posted but very happy with it so far.

p.s. he bought it from Amazon


Hi, I always have a hot rox in my bag - very useful and it works well. I recharge it on my laptop when I'm wasting time on the internet. I also have a pair of the 'silver' gloves which I wear inside a pair of knitted mittens. These gloves work for me better than the pair of sheep skin lined leather gloves which cost me £50. I bought gloves and hot rox on the SRUK website. I think you can also get these items on Amazon at the same price - I think it's good to support the SRUK website though.


They're lifesavers for me. And, don't get me started on electric gloves...

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Hi Warmheartz,

I did not know the electronic handwarmers existed until I read your post. I still believe that Niacin, the Twin Labs brand, is helpful. Niacin causes a warm flush and gets circulation to your fingers and toes. Pocket handwarmers are also very helpful. If you go to the Raynauds.org website, they provide good advice. Magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin e are all helpful. I will look into the electronic handwarmers. God bless you. Merry Christmas!


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