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Need advice a bit confused

So i went to the doctors Tuesday about the hip pain I've been getting, got told I have arthritis in my back as well as scoliosis. Went for my first physiotherapy session today and he said its just wear and tear so I'm a bit confused now. Do you think it's better to listen to the doctor who told me thanks for any advice just a bit confused at the moment because my doctor says i have arthritis and my physiotherapist is saying its wear and tear

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If it's any help osteoarthritis is often referred to as 'wear and tear'. To ease your confusion I would suggest you talk to your doctor to get the diagnosis clarified.


Thank you i had one of my doctors call me on my house phone today and he asked what i wanted to talk about, so i told him and he said wear and tear is arthritis.


Scoliosis usually develops in 9-14 year olds. Was there ever any hint in your past that this was the case?

Your GP and your Physiotherapist might both be correct because arthritis is usually a medical description for wear and tear in the joints. Have you tried using some of the alternative therapies like Glucosamine/Chondroitin and MSM tablets which might help. Check out for some of their articles which are very interesting. I don't think I'd give up on either your GP or your Physiotherapist just yet. I am not aware of any magical cure currently available for growing older!


I only found out i had it 4 years ago when i started having bad back pain then again this year the pain got worse so i was sent for a Thoracic spine x-ray and my spine is slightly more curved then was it was a few years ago. I had the doctor call me today about the confusion and he told me wear and tear is arthritis, I've never tried any of them painkillers the doctor has given me some 30/500 of cocodamol to take for the pain i'm getting and thanks you i will check that website out.


You could find that the Co-codamol will cause constipation. Did your GP mention this? Speaking from personal experience, I can only suggest that you take them only IF you really need to but you might need something more relevant to the arthritis. You might also request having blood tests done to check your general health. It doesn't hurt to have everything investigated.

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Hi I been told I will have problems with my bowel which I already do how will I be able to tell, I have had problems for over 11 years I have polups had camera for the past ten years, lower back ache, now consurpation , can not break wind just in case I follow through , I wish there was spell checker on here


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