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Has any suffered from painful colour changing feet ?

Hi guys the last 2 night i have been woken by bad stabbing pains in my big toe and on the ball of foot i have just looked and the places where the pain was hace turned blue/ red in colour waithing for doctor to call back my raynauld is bad right now ,also i was told that my liver enzems are not normal and ihave been told not to take myfenax no more untill i see my specialist in march my scleroderma is pretty much the same ?

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Yes...I have had this colouring in my feet (and hands to a lesser extent) since 2008...this colouring plus what I called over heating & under heating in feet (and hands) led to Systemic Lupus diagnosis in 2011...then we learned I actually had infant onset lupus, which has gone untreated all my life. Yes, dodgy health has meant quite a lot of regular contact with drs for what we now know has mostly been health probs secondary to and/or aggravated by untreated lupus.

Even since my lupus treatment began in 2011 (hydroxy, prednisolone, & now mycophenolate) this feet (& hands) colouring & over/under heating & pain has continued, but hydroxy has damped it down a little. I'm told I have raynauds simultaneous with erythromelalgia. But my feet also are classed as having complex regional pain syndrome due to the complicated set of named conditions diagnosed as affecting them, ll of which are now under treatment.

So, in 2008 I began to investigate my version of this feet colouring & pain sensations....and, over the years, I've had drs react in all sorts of ways to it: this is normal, this is not normal etc etc. so, I know there are alternative reasons for this sort of thing. I hope you figure your version out asap


Thankyou so much barnclown for the information, seeing my specialist next week so it will be interesting to hear what they have to say xxxx


Hi DKA48 - how are you ? what did your specialist have to say ? who do you see ? I hope youre feeling better ! I often waken up with swollen feet which hurt if I try to stand on them ! ~ Living the dream :)


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