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Pain in finger tips


I have LTD scleroderma with lung involvemet and seconday raynauld’s. Had this for about 2 years.

Over the last few days i have been experiencing a lot of stiffness in my fingers but especially pain in my finger tips mostly one hand, middle finger. No obvious signs to look at just the pain.

Is this all part of the raynaulds and flared up because of the cold?

How long does it tend to last and is there anything i can do to reduce the pain?

Thank you

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I have this. I have it on all 10 digits... what is the skin like at the end of the tips ? Mine is rock hard and I have no feeling in that skin, I believe it’s the skin thickening process of Scleroderma.xx


My skin is not too bad and i still have feeling.


I used to have pain in my left hand 4 finger tips from playing the electric guitar for hours, after years of playing I noticed I had heavy callous finger tips and no pain anymore.


Hope you are still playing the guitar


Oh no, I gave my son all my guitars. I even made him a wall hanger to display them in his man cave


i have also got carpel tunnel in both hands and have this pain constantly, it is worse in teh cold snaps (have you been tested for carpel?) I have splints but at the moment they dont even touch the pain, i wear gloves and leg warmers on my arms at night which seems to help (I cant wear anything with sleeves as i also have hot sweats terribly if i do :/ its just a case of finding what suits you i think- i am off to doc this pm to try to find another solution but not holding my breath, will let you know - big hugs x

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The cold snap is obviously not helping but just trying to stay warm. Never been tested for carpel. What is the test?



I've had limited scleroderma for 7 years.what you're experiencing is a symptom of Raynaud's and yes it's brought about by the cold.the important thing is to stay in a warm environment and the pain will stop.

being warmly dressed helps only to a certain point and perhaps very little if the enviroment around you is cold.


Thanks for the reply.

I have also experienced upper arm pain as well as around my elbows. Is this also related to Raynaulds?



I don't think so.


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