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Can anyone give advice, my patch of dry skin down on my lower right side of my ankle is starting to weep?

Its somewhat challenging as I still have to try to put on my compression stockings. I have had ulcers before buts fortunately its been a long time ago and so I forgot what to do. I have a dermatologist appt. next week and than I am sure she will prescribe me the cortisone cream again witch usually help. If I remember right, the problem is how to keep the weeping patch from sticking to the wound. If you put Band-Aid on it tears delicate skin and also starts to be ripped off by the putting on of compression stocking.

Any helpful advice is much appreciated,

Thanks in advance Dana

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Why do you wear compression stockings? Are they necessary? It seems opposite to the Raynaud's usual advice not to wear tight things.


The answer is in the dressing. Ask your pharmasist to recommend a non stick dressing. The latest theory on wounds seems to be to keep them moist. Some dressings come with a padding which are good when using compression stocking. Do you have a local dressings clinic? If not your doctor might be able to prescibe special dressings. I have found the ones with an adhesive border are very good, but they need to be bigger than the wound. DON'T use Band-Aid.

Good luck.


You need to be careful not to get the wound infected so try not to scratch and keep it as clean as possible. It sounds as if you need to see your GP, get a swab done and if possible, refer you to a wound care nurse. You may need some antibiotics. In the meantime you could pop to the chemist for some advice. Good luck!


I agree with the above, I've had ulcers and keep some of the non-stick dressings (you can buy them from Booots / chemists) and micropore tape (am alergic to plasters, make my skin itch like crazy) to hand just in case I cut myself: I think it's best to try and create a seal all the way round the dressing, though not sure with your type of problem danacetz..

Zenabb, I have Raynauds but wear compression stockings, you have to otherwise you risk the ulcers breaking out again: the tissue viability nurses also dress your leg from foot to knee when treating them as you have to keep the blood flowing - I guess the benefits outweigh the negative effects. If I do get a deepish cut on my leg now I put a dressing on it and wear a compression stocking even in bed (though I use an open toed one for that) to see if I can get it healed myself. It usually works. I take Nifedipine too and that helps keep the vessels open despite the compression.

Hope you get sorted out soon Danacetz.

Best wishes



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