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Hiya all,

Been a while since I last posted anything here but I'm just got back from seeing my doctor and what fun it was. I asked to be tested for lupus as I have a few of the signs that point towards me having lupus. However in order for the dr to send me for blood tests she had to look on her computer as not much is known about it and the one signs of having raynauds and I have more attacks since I have been on amitryptiline for my headaches, which again is another sign of lupus. However that ain't the full reasons for my post but this is ....

The doctor compared raynauds as top having asthma you either have nit kornyou don't and there not a lot you can do about it and not to let it worry me... Erm well I will let it worry me if I have attacks every day. So to cut the long story short I am having a blood test to see if I have lupus and it Johan comes back all clear I am not worry no get on with my life basically. Even though again the doctor had look in her book about raynauds as well not installing much faith in me to go back to my doctors.

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Hiya ! oooo... have you had a look at the raynauds and scleroderma website ?

there is some great info on there, and you could order some of the info leaflets to take to your GP.! I am sure you will feel much better once you have a valid diagnosis - so you know what you are working with ! :) x


Have you seen your Rheumy about it - maybe they could shed more light on the matter?


Yes, ask to be referred to a rheumatologist, someone who knows.


There are plenty of websites out there that can help with more info - Lupus UK have their own website, Raynauds have their own website & you can find info on the conditions upon NHS Choices website. For what it's worth though my mum took years to get diagnosed with Lupus (it typically takes 7yrs) because there are so many other things it can be 'misdiagnosed' as (the same markers highlight all auto-immune illnesses to some degree).

It will usually be Rheumatology department that conduct the tests as they are looking for RA/ANA markers within the blood. Best wishes & good luck.


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