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At my school where I work we top up money for the canteen on line then use finger prints as identification. When I set myself up in April the weather was fine and hands looked OK. However over the last two weeks temperature has gone below 18 my trigger point for problems with raynauds and sores. The tips of myour fingers have changed and a couple of fingers look like they may break into ulcers. Can this change finger prints because now to add insult to injury the machine wonto recognise my finger so can't eat! I have to top my friend's account up and have her with me to use her fingerprint to get fed. Bring back money all is forgiven xx

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  • That's harsh, can't u speak to someone about the issues you're having? Might be worth approaching whoever's in charge of canteen finances to see if u can use a different method of payment?

  • I will as their method is not very inclusive! And I'm head of send lol! Xx

  • Yeah, there's all sorts of reasons your fingerprints might not work. They should definitely have an alternative method. Even if you have to register to be allowed to sign for your food, and maybe have a slightly different process , there should be alternatives.

    Progress eh?? :O

  • I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your finger print I would have never thought that could happen. I hope you can talk to someone in charge maybe they can come up with you putting in a pin or something.

    God bless you

  • I also have Raynauds it's link to the Lupus SEL that I have my hands changes color with the weather and water and it hurts like hell. I have little red dots on my hands, lips, head and a few on my face my doctors says its do to the Raynauds. My history is

    Lupus SEL, Fibromyalgia, scleroderma, osteoporosis, Crust Syndrome, Beretts esophagus, depression, Gard acid reflux, and cranic pain. I'll be praying for you sweetie

  • May it be anything to do with the temp of your hands too maybe? I'm just thinking about my Touch ID phone, when it gets to winter my Touch ID often doesn't work either, i have put that down to my Raynauds. Hope you get it sorted xx

  • Yup! My iPhone constantly refuses my fingerprint. The next generation will use voice recognition I've heard. This may or may not help. Unpredictable all the effects this disease can throw at us.

  • My Touch ID never works

    Started using the end of my nose

    That don't work either

    Bloody Rynauds grrr.

    Thinking of getting one of those rubber fingers that you see at Halloween time.

  • Yes it does change fingerprints. I have had to change my fingerprint entry to my iPhone 3 times now.

  • My finger prints have changed also due to the blistering on my fingers. Some get infected and then I lose lots of skin etc. Ok if you want to do a bank robbery I guess. 😃

    Good luck with the school as I used to be a teacher and they brought that into my school. I refused to use and took in sandwiches etc.

    Take care.

  • Thank you all so much for your helpful comments. I thought I was going mad!!

  • Yes, Raynauds will change your ability to use the electronic fingerprint readers. I'm unable to get my fingerprints taken, I have to go to a law enforcement agency and get actual ink prints done. This was for a background check for employment and the employer rescinded their offer due to this. Unfortunately raynauds has permanently changed my fingerprints. I hope that you're able to find an alternative and your school accommodates you.

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