Sore on elbow

Have had Raynauds and Systemic Scleroderma (with fibrosing alveolitis) for about 20 years. One of my main problems is digital ulcers. However, now, I have a small sore on my elbow which is causing me lots of pain and discomfort. It's not much to look at but, boy, does it hurt just to rest on my elbow. Any suggestions as to how I can aid healing process?


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  • I have similar problems and just yesterday knocked the scab off it so back to square one. I have been using the spray on plaster to protect it and just trying not to lean directly on elbow. Dont know what else to suggest . . . . good luck

  • When I worked in the hospital..bed sores on elbows would be protected with a sheepskin pad over the sore to prevent knocks. So maybe something padded over it until it heals?

  • CORPITOL EMULSION, a French product. does wonders to ulcers, I don't know why it is not available in the UK, there are intl online pharmacies where u can order. I live in Spain and it is easily available at any pharmacy at ca.39E for 100ml. It regenerates the healthy skin around the ulcer and makes it overgrow the lesion, provided it is clean of any necrotic tissue.(I used Granuflex). It is an absolute miracle, I have seen it work in 90+ year olds with bed sores, a diabetic with non-healing sores, it cured all my ulcers in no time. If you know anybody going to Spain for a holiday let them get it for you.

    Here is one online pharmacy, they have an English version.

    Best regards


  • So sorry to hear this - I have it on both elbows and last year when it was so painful I got an emergency appointment at the Royal Free. The said, unfortunately, there was nothing they could do medically. However they cut some foam and I held it on with a pull on bandage. I would love to find a way of relieving the pain however, I am always very careful not to rest on my elbows . I do hope you find a way of relieving the pain and if you do please let me know. Xx


    try this.. it is a miracle.. it is incomprehensible why Corpitol is not available in the UK.

  • My heart goes out to you, NannySue.

    I know this problem well. My advice is that you don't want to let an ulcer of any kind develop there - at any cost. This may mean never letting your elbow encounter hot water or ointments. Here's my reason for saying this.

    I had monster elbow problems between 2007 and 2015. It all began with redness, stiffness, swelling, leading to ulceration and on one occasion a full-blown infection involving the whole arm (dealt with by strong antibiotics). Banging it often made things worse. Ulcers on alternating elbows in alternating years (weird!), sometimes on both. Chronically painful and incapacitating. I found it was triggered on two occasions by having a bath or shower when I already had a painful swelling. Scleroderma meant the skin was tight and thin over my elbow tip, then it somehow relaxed in the watery warmth leading to a small hole over the joint which widened until it was about 1.3 cm in width - joint capsule visible through the window. Holes like this took a year to heal over, and in the meantime this meant applying daily Mepore plasters kept in place by a sock bandage. At the worst (infected) times it was a question of keeping large absorbent Mepilex pads (via prescription) over the elbow, again held in place by a bandage. At that time the NHS offered practical help, but no systemic treatments. Topical treatments for infection like antibiotic ointment (Bactroban; manuka honey) help keep the ulcer clean on the outside, but do nothing about infection on the inside. In fact I found that rubbing oils, creams and ointments into the elbow made things worse for me because they softened the skin, so the ulcer got larger, and they helped create a moist environment.

    The last ulcer cleared up in Jan 2015, about 6 months after starting a course of Sildenafil (it expands peripheral circulation). No more ulcers! No painful elbows. They have not been back.

    It seems that everybody's Scleroderma is unique, but my advice would be 1) get a prescription for Sildenafil or some other vasodilator; 2) avoid hot water, 3) avoid trauma (banging), 4) avoid ointments, and 5) get constant padding in place. I wonder what other people think.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Thanks so much for your reply. Hearing all that you've been through makes me feel such a weakling for making a fuss about a sore elbow. I do already take Sildenafil (and have been for about 4 years). I do try to avoid knocking my elbow or leaning on it but sometimes it is impossible not to have this happen. I have now started to wear a small padding on the elbow so hopefully this will help. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your experiences

  • Do you have Iloprost or sildenafil?

  • Yes, both. Been having iloprost for about 16 years and sildenafil for about 4 years.

  • I have had calcinosis on both on my elbows and they were so very painful, I also have it coming out on the outer ears. They were so painful that I couldn't let them touch the sheets when trying to get to sleep.I found keeping them moisturised helped them .

    I have sclerderma and have had every drug and infusions going that is available here in Australia and nothing worked for me. I was told it was because I had a key hole sympathectomy under both my arms before I moved to Aus that these drugs are not working for me .

    I have had all my fingers aputatated and have only twothumbs left now!! My thumbs are suffering now as they are having all the stress of doing the things you normally do with all fingers in tact. I am very concerned for them now! They have all been so painful with very bad ulcers before they were taken off.

    I have also had all my teeth removed as I have very limited opening and excessive dry mouth . I have implants put in but one by one they fell out I have two left now and have dentures to the top only as the ones at the bottom all fell out!

    I also have fibrosis on the lungs !

    But we live in hope that one day they will have new ideas with treating this dibilitating desease.

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