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Yesterday I really struggled to retrieve my 1 pound coin from my shopping fingers were cold and hard as I tried I couldn't lift the coin out of the slot.......a very kind young lady gave me her 1 pound coin and took my trolley......I then tried to open my purse and dropped the coin...........I then spent what seemed an age trying to pick the coin up from the tiled floor..... the difficulties I experienced yesterday is relatively new to me and my condition..........and when I arrived home and warmed myself I tried to pick up coins from different surfaces and still found myself fingers won't work !!!! and feel more swollen today......Why does this disease creep up on you......................

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  • Something to carry in your coat pocket - a simple eraser. It can help you get a grip on things quite easily. Sliding a coin out of the slot on a shopping trolley is not easy at the best of times.

    I had a bit of bamboo with some blu-tack on the end that I used for picking things up at home, rather than bend down. The stick was kept next to my desk, sticky side up (sorry :) ) until it was needed.

  • Hi Gordon57.......thank you for your reply and helpful advice....I will definitely try your eraser idea and tomorrow I'll invest in some bamboo and blu-tack......take care..

  • Just a bit of garden bamboo cane does the trick, the hollow bit stops the blu-tak from just pulling off as you can usually push a bit in there to help it stick to the...erm...stick :)

  • If you buy a charity coin for trolleys they have a hole. I always make sure the hole is at the front and I slip the hook into the hole first before trying to pull the coin out. It works!!

  • The hole can be attached to a keyring, does not have to be your house or car keys, which then makes it easier to pull out as well, ;)

  • Thanks Gordon57...........I'll give your suggestions a trial too.......

  • Thanks roseter........I will give your suggestions a trial,,,,,xx

  • I have a pair of driving gloves which has a silicone finish on the palm side which I find good for gripping my trolley coin from the as well the steering wheel. It was only 99p from the 99p shop at my local shopping centre. The bamboo cane, blue tac, the eraser, the hook in the coin with the hole are all very clever tricks. The trolly coins with the hole are cheap from ebay, amazon etc. I have a few as I am always losing them and sometimes I just cannot find a £1 coin.

    All the best for happier shopping trips. Wear your gloves as much as you need to even if it is mid-summer. Being comfy is most important. It seems the winter is never going to end and it does make me frustrated also, but try not to fret and just be good to yourself.


  • Thank you Graygirl 1.........I always keep my silver gloves in my handbag now as I'm always being caught out with sudden raynauds when I'm out and about shopping.......this morning was glorious, the sun was shining the sun was warm.......however, the weather changed quickly with black clouds, rain and hail stones...........I think we are going to need our gloves for some time yet......take care xx

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