Hi all,

My once beautiful nails are an absolute mess, particularly the cuticles with their red spots and lines.

They are growing up my nails and resist all attempts at behaviour control. Not tried the whip yet!

GP says leave them alone but they get very hard, get caught on everything and then become very sore and swollen. See yucky photo - eww.

They were the only nice bit about my chubby, stiff fingers. :-)

I've tried just about every hand cream and moisturiser (including Vaseline) in Boots, plus Epaderm from the doc but had no success.

Anyone got a brilliant remedy they can recommend?

Cheers, Gill

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  • Just looked at the photo again - double yuk ;-)

  • Your GP is right I think. leave your nails alone. Continue creaming your hands. I use Aqueous cream.

  • Thank you. I thought that was probably right but I've tried everything - even vaseline and cotton gloves day AND night. I shall keep trying :-)

  • I have been advised to use cuticle oil three times a day for this problem.I hope it works

  • This is now on my list - hope it works for you too! Thanks.

  • A hot wax manicure helps mine and eases the stiffness if only for a while 😊😊

  • This will be next if the above fails - many thanks!

  • Hi,

    I use "Betnovate RD cream" for my arm's and legs a little round the cuticles every couple of days does the trick for me.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thank you all for your helpful replies. I'm on the case ;-)

  • Firstly, how did you upload your photo? I have a matching one from when I'd just been diagnosed with Scleroderma and every part of me was being attacked!

    Red marks under finger nails is a sign of serious underlying problems.

    I do not know if you are under a Rheumatologist, but stiff swollen fingers is another warning of your immune system attacking. Have you had blood tests done?

  • I have Raynaud's, scleroderma and osteoarthritis along with other bits and bobs so yes I do have a rheumatologist. My fingernails were one of the first, obvious indications. I was just asking others on here what they use for their cuticles as nothing seems to make mine feel any better.

    There is space to upload photo's when you write a post.

    Thanks for your concern :-)

  • I no how you feel like myself I have tried every cream going and nothing ,and nothing helps me too.My fingers are so bad they crack abd bleed.Fed you with it all Truerose.

  • I have tried everything as well, I even put loads of creams on and then cotton gloves. But no luck. They get soft briefly and then like you, they go hard and crack and bleed. It is very frustrating. I have spent a fortune on different lotions and potions that was suggested.

    I did want to add that my Dermatologist says that Aqueous Cream is not good for your skin, they find it dries it out more instead of making it better. They have given me Dermol 500 in its place. Although as a soap this works great, but does nothing for my poor fingers. I get so tired of them being in pain all the time.

  • A friend recommended Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser for my face followed by the moisturiser and it has softened my skin brilliantly - going to try the hand cream and keep my fingers crossed it has a similar result. I will let everyone know if it works. Nothing ventured and all that!

    Caught a cuticle while hanging washing out today - ouch!! Very swollen and sore now so it's cotton gloves and plenty of cream on tonight.

    Dead attractive.......... ;-)

  • I just wanted to put an update, I got Avon's Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Balm about three days ago. Have been applying about three times a day. And it is really helping my cuticles, first thing that has worked in a long time. They are no longer hard and my thumbs, which are the worst, have stopped peeling. Will keep you posted if it continues to work. But so far so good!

  • Best enrollment I have tried is snow fire ,works on the first

    Sign of finger ulcers also,you have to soften it as comes in a solid stick ,but results are seen the next day .hope you get something that works for you

    Hugs Linda

  • Haha meant emollient x

  • Haha!! ;-) Thanks for the laugh!

    Never heard of snow fire - intrigued. Will have to Google it.

    Have found the Liz Earle hand cream lovely to use so will give it a fair trial for a few days and let you know.

  • It's an old fashioned remedy ,but a lot of the patients on rheumatologist ward use it,and on the plus side a lot cheaper than Liz Earle ,snow fire can be purchased from Amazon . Look forward to hearing how you get on xx

  • Shopping today! Thank you x

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