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sleep through the night


i wake up aprox. 3 hours after falling asleep every night. cant get back to sleep ever. i toss and turn and when i do get up im full of anxiety. please any suggestions for sleeping through the night without waking up would be greatly appreciated. [even 5 or 6 hours straight would be great!] thanks in advance.

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HiI am suffering similar to you since my Heart Attack in April 2020.

I wake up after about 2 hours then it is a nightmare trying to get back to sleep, it does happen but after 2 hours i am awake again, this happens every night and not just a one off.

My GP suggested i try a web site called Sleepio at first it seemed to help but a few Months down the line i am back as before.

Try going through sleepstation this is a doctor referral course online that is 7 weeks long they check your sleep pattern after you input it then they give you a sleep regime to follow then monitor your progress.

GABA is excellent for sleep but are you on medication such as an.SSRI? you dont want too much serotonin in your system Also natural progesterone cream helps insomnia

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