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I don’t know how to sleep anymore

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Hey guys.

So, I’ve always had pretty bad sleep. It’s always taken a long time to get to sleep. Often waking throughout the night. Sometimes waking early, others late. Always tired. I just lie there thinking about nonsense. Not necessarily ‘bad’ stuff, but just any brain activity means I can’t get to sleep.

I have come to the realisation that I have lost the ability or the knowledge (if I ever had it) of the method of getting oneself to sleep. Now, this may sound obvious but I genuinely do not know how to get a set pattern. Nothing works. I have spoken to my GP about this but they are reluctant to prescribe any medication (I also take Citalopram for anxiety).

I have got used to surviving on about four hours a night for the last decade or so. I hate sleeping in the day as I always wake up feeling awful if I do this.

So, any ideas?

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It is a difficult road when you can’t get good sleep so I feel for you. I have the same issue. Today is very difficult as I am on a 3 day run of bad sleep . Meditation is a good tool. There are numerous apps out there. I use Insight Timer. Best of luck 😴

There is an app called insight timer for Android (and probably Apple). This contains recorded meditations. My favourites are the yoga nidra for sleep ones. Try listening.

I have found a brisk 30 minute walk early in the day, along with not eating sweets or any caffeine helpful. Also, dont go to bed with a full stomach.

Hi same for me. I am also on 20mf of citalopram. Been suffering with sleep

From about January and has gotten worse since lockdown. I’ll be lucky to get 3/4 hours and then am completely exhausted in the day. I spoke to a locum gp but she said she cannot prescribe sleeping meds until I’m 45 so I’ll wait until my

Original dr is back in.

My mum however was prescribed zopiclone years back and I took one and felt so much better despite the metallicy taste in my mouth the next day. Still didn’t get a fulls night but was a huge improvement to the past nights.

How long have you been on the citalopram for? x


I’ve been on citalopram since the end of May. I have found it quite helpful overall. I don’t know if the sleep thing is related to that because I’ve always had pretty bad sleep, but it seems to have deteriorated the last six months. I asked my GP about it before and they were extremely reluctant to provide sleep meds (which I totally understand and respect their diagnosis obviously). It’s just, I’ve tried all the mindfulness things and apps and advice and whatever and nothing really makes a difference. Infact, if anything, when I do the ‘clear your mind’ approach, my brain seems to be like ‘wahey, clear brain means go, go, go!’ and will dredge up some long forgotten conversation from 15 years ago which I’ll then spend all night thinking about 😂.

Last night I was still awake gone 2, then I was awake, like AWAKE awake, at 6 🤷‍♂️.

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