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New to Bipap machine - Mouth "leaking", dry...


So I was told I have Central Sleep Apnia. Ended up with a Bipap machine. Also sent home with a chin strap. Have only had it a week.

I do have a problem my mouth opening during the night. I have occasionally been awaken by air push through my lips..."Pfffffffuuuu".

But recent nights I'm waking up with what I think is air passing out my mouth. Mouth being very dry. Last night I woke up twice in 4 hours. Ended up taking it off.

From what I see from a video from Resmed, I may need to use a full mask. I currently use a nasal mask (not pillows...the one that has the hose at the top of the head). I'm thinking that'll be a pain to use.

Anyone with experience tackling this problem? Any suggestions?

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I may need to restate. I thought I saw it referenced as mouth leaking. But to explain...I am having the air flow in the nose and out the mouth. Leaves dry mouth, and of course not sending it to the lungs.

I'm not having leaking issues with my nasal mask.

My son has a cpap machine same concept but has pressure settings a little different. He can not use the nasal one as he can't keep his mouth shut when he sleeps. Lol he has a small mask that fits over the mouth and nose not a full face as he had one of those first and hated it. They make many masks for comfort. Call the company and request a new mask fitting and tell them what styles you would like to try. Hope this helps. Good luck and gentle hugs!!!

Thanks. I have gotten one like you suggest. We'll see how it goes.


I too have Central & a Resmed Pacewave ASV.

I couldn't get on at all with the nasal mask as I had the same issue as you. I use a Resmed F20 Air as I found it the best type after many others. The silicon though marks my skin so I use the memory foam type which is loads better for me.

Good luck

I just picked up a Phillips Dreamweaver which does not cover the nose. The thing I like about it (upon inspection, not experience yet) is the hose is at the top like the nasal one I had tried. I like that because I am a side sleeper, and turn over occasionally. I think it will minimize fighting the hose when turning over.

They tried an ASV on me during the second sleep study. I couldn't tolerate it. I blew my mouth open even with the chin strap. Was forceful...woke me up from a good sleep.

That of course is a bit confusing to me. I have been using a chin strap, yet I have the dry mouth. Which makes them think my mouth is open.

I'm curious to see if this fixes that problem.

I’ve had very similar experiences with a CPAP machine & just had it changed. I would suggest the pressure setting is too high. Is it a set pressure or an automatic machine?

My machine is supplied by the NHS who monitor everything & I just ring their clinic when I have an issue, the physiologists there are brilliant.

56_kruiser in reply to CDreamer

My Bipap is a 'fixed pressure', but it starts out low when I first put it on, and increases over 40 minutes to whatever the programmed setting is. Supposed to be less while I am in process of going to sleep.

For now they want me to try to full face mask (or one at least that covers my mouth).

CDreamer in reply to 56_kruiser

I have been changed to an automated pressure CPAP which is SO much better as I couldn’t get on with full face mask as I sleep on my side. The pressure on the fixed machine was set at 15 and I just knew it was now too much - I’ve had the machine for 5 years & it was fine then suddenly I was waking up feeling I would explode & had to leak air out to relieve the pressure. The pressure hasn’t gone above 11.5 on the automated machine.

What position do you sleep in? I was having a lot of your issues and a lot of it was resolved by changing my position. I am a back sleeper but now I keep my head more elevated. They do have contour pillows for that but it works with a certain set of pillows that I have. I got rid of the dry mouth totally and now my airways aren’t as blocked so I am waking up less.

56_kruiser in reply to Ayorkor

I am a side sleeper.

Frankly, since writing the original post, where I have been aware of opening my mouth, I have been more diligent about wearing the chin strap. I have since not been waking up (that i realize) from breathing out my mouth, but waking up with very dry mouth. But who knows what the actual trigger for waking me is.

With the full face mask I got today, they think it will resolve the dry mouth issues.

OliP in reply to 56_kruiser

In a year or two, you'll end up at a hotel with a cold and no machine, trying to remind your body how to sleep with the mouth open so you can breathe :)

Hope using the chin strap sorts out the issues

BonnieSueDream Team

You aren't the only one with this problem. There's a cloth "strap" that goes under your chin and up and around the front of your head to hold your mouth shut. It has a velcro fastener and is made of soft cloth. You could call your supply source and ask for this...give it a try if you want to. Best wishes...

Marshall64 in reply to BonnieSue

I had one of those and it worked. I finally got to the point that I don't need it anymore.

BonnieSueDream Team in reply to Marshall64

Congrats!! 👍

56_kruiser in reply to BonnieSue

I'm using one of those straps...and since am NOT AWARE of air coming out of my mouth. But I'm still waking up with very dry mouth. It's curious...

Starting with the full face mask tonight. We'll see what happens.

BonnieSueDream Team in reply to 56_kruiser

Best of luck to you with the full face mask. I think I was still taking in air with the chin strap because I, too, would have a dry mouth sometimes. Now I seem to have stopped doing that. What a relief!

Update for everyone:

I used the new full facemask (actually, I consider it a half face mask, as it fits under the nose, but does cover the mouth.

I did not have dry mouth.

I did have to take it off after 4 1/2 hours. But that has been normal so far (only a couple weeks in).

I think my problem is that I have a goatee, short hair, and it does not seal well, so I made it pretty tight...too tight for comfort I guess, and as well, it made the hair itch.

Removing the hair on the face today.


Just give it some time, the pressure might be too high. The first few weeks I struggled with a horrible dry mouth too but when the pressure was adjusted I no longer had the side affect. I moved from the nose mask to nose pillows what I find so much more comfortable (and no more air leakage) and the good thing is that it’s not in line of your vision so you can read a book before falling asleep.

Just try different pressures and settings and masks (sleep clinic can help you)

I hope you will get used to it soon 😊😴

I finally shaved the facial hair. That made it more comfortable.

But, I am having a lot of difficulty getting used to the mask. After a short time, it feels like it is pushing up my nose so hard. But if I loosen it, it leaks.

Maybe I'm expecting to get used to it too quickly, but it is becoming discouraging.

I am wondering if I should try the full face mask with the memory foam seal.

NOTE: Just read some reviews on the F20, and quite a few indicate side sleeping does not work well with this mask. Sigh...

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