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best way to come off zopiclone


hi there I've been in zopiclone for 5 years ( mental breakdown after 5 years of insomnia) the first few years 1 x 3.75mg tablet ( never 2) but it stopped working so I reduced it down to half a 3.75mg tablet. it didn't help me sleep any more but it was to reduce down. I then took every other night then stopped...then by day 3 off them I hit rock bottom had massive panic attacks couldn't breathe went manic headaches dizziness nausea I lost the plot I was so scared me so much I went back on half a tablet and have been for 3 years now. my doctors just say do what I did last time and stop even though it sent me mental! has any one come off this low dose and how ? thanks

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Hi, looks like no one has an answer for you? Like my post said, I have been on 7.5 mg for around 16 years and my dr understands and agrees it’s a very gradual process to come off them, around a year. I have been put on an anti anxiety drug that will be increased from 15 mg to 25 mg and when that happens is when I begin to only take Zopiclone every other night until gradually it’s done, but all I keep thinking is, off one pill but now stuck on another!? I tried once to go cold turkey for two weeks and in those two weeks I never slept for a second and felt dreadful but that was down to lack of sleep and I have not suffered anything that you describe. If I don’t have one I don’t sleep and feel the results of insomnia the next day.

Peroxideblader in reply to Calm2

Thank you I didn't get any replies just yours. I'm going to cut down to the smallest bit of tablet I can cut over 2 months you it was suggested I taje diazepam to come off it then I'm left addicted to that! thanks again

LadyFee in reply to Calm2

I’m with you. I had a break when I found out I was pregnant and while breastfeeding... but could not wait to get back to a sleep aid as I couldn’t sleep when I had bubs.

Hi ive been on 7.5mg for about 15 yrs i call myself an addict because as soon as i have my pills in my hand im off to bed. I can then get up and do my housework as long as i know ive got my pills to go bed with (i actually take 3/4 per night). if i havent got any to go ned with thats it i dont sleep. Ill stay awake all night reading/watching my ipad). But i still cant get out of bed next day i used to order off line 24hour delivery paying between £40 /54.00 per 14 genuine tabs. I tried to come off 4 nights no sleep look like zombie n feel like zombie nothing gets done in the house so now they stpped the 24hpur chemist online i order n get 60 (indian i think) blue zopiclone. Not as good as real ones but need to take more up to 10 per night i dont think ill ever get off them. Doc prescribes me one a night n now telling me he gonna cut me down

Peroxideblader in reply to Net65

Thanks for your reply I am only on half of a 3.75mg tablet so it doesn't help with my sleep any more it's just my body being addicted. in the next couple of weeks I'm cutting down to a quarter of one then every other day but I think I'll be on that for life just to stop the total withdrawals. no doctor understands or people who sleep ok don't either how horrific and life changing no sleep is. I'm still not getting to sleep til around 3am up at 8am that's been 7 years. at least your doctor prescribes you one a night I get 7 a month...

Net65 in reply to Peroxideblader

I know it's a horrible horrible journey trying to get sleep. I actually have panick attacks when I haven't got any pills to go bed with. I get actual pains in my chest thinking about having to go bed without any. Try to relax they SAY,,,,,,,,, how can u relax.its hard trying to explain especially when u have a bad heart as Well.

LadyFee in reply to Net65

Me too Net65. I can’t figure out any other way I can get to sleep. No where near as potent as they were 15years ago as a new drug... but a saviour for me.

Hello there. I have been on zopiclone 2 years, had horrific health ever since and totally unable to sleep without them. Weaning down on 3/4 7.5mg horrific heart palpitations and only getting 2-5 hours sleep a night. 2 last night.

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