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Night Terrors


I suffer with Night Terrors, I have had them for a number of years. I get up and shout things, and don`t know where I am. I don`t remember the night terrors when morning comes. My boyfriend said I woke up shouting on Saturday night! I don`t remember doing it at all! I have had counselling for my night terrors, and have tried to do what my counsellor said, but it doesn`t seem to have worked very well. Any advice would be appreciated

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Hi Stephy1,

I know the feeling! I experience night terrors every so often, I also shout/scream and sometimes run into a different room to hide from whatever I am seeing. They seem so real. I'm not sure I can help much but I've been told that eating certain foods and stress can have an effect on night terrors. Have you tried writing a food diary/journal to see if there is a pattern that might show some triggers for the night terrors?

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