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Hi there, looking for some advice as to what can help me with a painful, dry nose. Was at my GP earlier today who didn't have any idea what to prescribe, I also feel as if my airways are drying up too and I'm breathing in hot air. Any suggestions would be appreciated😁😁

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  • Hi lindy , i have been using saline nasal spray twice a day at least . My nose used to burn inside, since i started this routine things have improved , ive had fewer sinus infections as well . I have also read posts where antibiotic cream has been recommended but ive never used it . Best wishes x🌸🌸

  • The antibiotic cream works really well for me. It's called Naseptin and I only need to use it occasionally when I get sores and nose bleeds from the dryness. 😉

  • Thanks for your replies, I'll give the saline a go 😊

  • I find the saline spray is excellent for clearing a blocked nose. In addition I use a nasal ointment in both nostril at bedtime. My pharmacist makes it up for me with a recipe that an ENT specialist gave me when I developed vocal cord nodes due to dry nasal passages.

    The ointment is made up of Propylene Glycol 3.3%, MCT Oil 33% and Adeps Lanae to 100%. It is a lovely ointment and has worked well for me for a number of years.

  • Thanks xx

  • You can use saline sprays and rinses, Vaseline or coconut oil, even colloidal silver sprays work if there is any infection... Something to keep the tissues moist. Also, if you can take it, Pilocarpine (prescription - at least here in the US) does a wonderful job in moistening the membranes, but can raise blood pressure. I take cayenne and ginger to counteract that affect, and it is worth it to me - I used to get sores in my nose and now they are totally gone. Best of luck with that..

  • Hi, I use Fees Dr Nose oil from Chemist Warehouse $11.50 & Bactroban Nasal Ointment $16 & need a script

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