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Advice please: prescription emollients

Sjogrens sicca dry overheated skin symptoms are even worse for me this winter than ever. Complicated by my raynauds being simultaneous with erythromelalgia

I've had enough years learning to manage all this, and trying various over the counter moisturising products. So far, Aqueous cream doesn't work for me...I react to something in it....probably the ingredient sodium lauryl sulphate which is so damaging that the UK national eczema society recommends aqueous cream never be used as a leave on moisturiser. On the other hand, aloe Vera gel is good for summer, and the thickest poss shae butter for winter. Plus prescription betnovate cream to stop chilblains before they weep. Prescription Emulsiderm is good for bathing. I avoid soaps of any kind. I take high dose vit c & d daily as part of an antiinflammation diet & supplements thing I've more or less been sticking to for 10 years (am 61)

Am coping ok I guess, but my feet are especially needy for moisturising in winter....I do file off the dry hard skin every week which helps...and I slather on OTC shea butter moisturiser thickly....but an older friend with rheumatoid arthritis has just told me that she is getting good results from the cetraben emollient cream her gp prescribed recently. Am seeing my gp on Monday, and planning to ask about cetraben....but first am wondering: does anyone here have a prescription emollient cream that works really well for them?

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Yes i found Cetraben emollient cream very good when i was living in England


Great! Just what I need to know. Many thanks, qazx!


I have found that Avene products are the best.


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