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Mouth mucous


Does anyone have a really thick saliva mucous in their mouths related to Sjogren’s? I used to get this around my teeth and gums whilst I was asleep but only for a short period of time (a few months, possibly a year) and then it passed. It was pre-diagnosis.

My aunt is currently being investigated for Sjogren’s, stemming from a thick mucous in her mouth that coats her whole mouth including her tongue. For her it is all through the day and affects her quality of life considerably. She has many other Sjogren’s symptoms but her doctor said the blood tests are inconclusive so to wait a year to do the tests again. She has been told not to have a salivary gland biopsy as it could cause nerve damage.

I am encouraging her to go to a different doctor, dentist and ophthalmologist but she is becoming frustrated and despondent.

As her most life-affecting symptom is the thick mucous, I was wondering if others have had this and know if it is Sjogren’s related or what a solution could be to relieve it (she is already using special toothpastes, mouthwashes etc).


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Yes I too have this horrid thick gunk! I have to chew special gum or candies or I sort of chew. Just awful!


I use Orthana mouth spray- use when needed. Dry mouth is a rotten thing to put up with sounds like good advise to relieve the symptoms.. I guess it could be some medication that leaves her mouth so dry but I only found out because I went to the Dentist the Dental Hospital we have in the UK investigated it- and that's when they told me I had Sjogrens. You can also use the Orthans pastilles which are mint flavoured to help.


I get a white thick mucous and wasn't sure why. I have all symptoms of Sjogrens but can't get a diagnosis. I get it very thick on my tongue. Curious


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