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Painful mouth and tongue question


This is my first question on this site. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome (although I think I’ve had it for years) and Graves Disease. Every so often over the years I’ve noticed patches of taste buds appearing to be missing but at the moment it is worse.

About 10 days ago I ate salsa which resulted in large patches of missing taste buds and the tip of my tongue was swollen on one side and a sort of crack appeared at the end of my tongue. The swelling lasted for about a week.

I’ve been eating bland potatoes, pasta and cheese etc. Today I tried to eat something with tomato sauce and my tongue is now very painful again and the inside of my lips began to bleed a little.

Can anyone tell me if this is the Sjogren’s dry mouth and if so, how long this kind of thing lasts. Is there anything I can do to improve things so I can start eating foods with more taste?

I’m using Biotene as a saliva replacement, using Vitamin E capsules squeezed onto my tongue and putting glycerine in my water.

Sorry if this is covered in a fact-sheet. I couldn’t see anything about anything other than dryness.


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yes it is Sjogrens, if the foods are effecting your mouth its because they have too much acid in them you can add natural yogurt or add cucumber to the yogurt this neutralises the acid and take liquid zinc.Sage tea held in your mouth will help and Biotene mouthwash.


Thanks for this Beverly, will it be like this permanently? I'm hoping for some periods of remission!


thank you for asking that question, i recently went to my doctor and told him about my tongue feeling swollen and sore. and it kinda had a numb feeling to it too. but it does get sore. i don't really eat spicy food and tend to stay to the same foods.....


Thanks for sharing this. I currently have a sore tongue but live in Asia so will have to decrease the spicy food!


I always found when this and cracked corners in the mouth happens to take vit B12 for a few days

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