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iron substitution in Endometriosis AND Sickle cellanaemia ? Artesunate & Pyronaridine " Pyramax " against Covid in these Patients ?

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im a general practitioner in pension in Berlin All my 3 daughters and hundreds of their African Women friends NEED information about THE Madagascar Corean Southafrican COVID Cure with ARTESUNATE & Pyronaridine in Sickle cell Anaemia ! AND ENDOMETRIOSIS devastatig Dyspareunia ! Migraine depression and LOcKDOWN Give me pls ADVICE im in Berlin but medics do NOT know here Sickle cell Gynokoz give Hormones or Hysterektomie Ovariektomie Sigma ovars uterus Bladder all is full of Endometriosis in my eldest Daughter half African Ghana EWE is ARTESUNATE causing haemolytic anaemia ? ARTEMISIA plants Are fofbidden in Pregnancy they cause ABORTION By raising Uteruscontractions so far i know Thank you for advice ! I appreciated a lot the pics and description af Covid Symptoms in Kids from London Children hospital Who could complete them with pics of SKIN .. Kawasaki like MIMOS like ON BLACK Skin ? on BROWN skin or on Zebra skin ? USA BLACK medics where are they ? give me please adresses Names Hospitals etc please and please ! God bless you ( and us too )

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