I'm a sickle cell. How can I get rid of my yellow eyes

Hi, I am 21 years of age. And from African.

I have sickle cell. And the only symptoms I am having is my very yellowish eyes.

I hardly have crisis...

I guess am very lucky.

But I need solutions on how to get rid of my yellow eyes...even if I don't attain white eyes. I just don't want it to be too yellowish.

Am close to 6ft tall and a slim guy.

am always shy when talking to someone because of my yellow eyes.

am always on dark shades.

Any solutions.

Thank you

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  • The whites of your eyes are yellow because of the blood condition that you have. Only a doctor can tell you how to minimize. That condition. Maybe there are vitamins you can take. Talk to your doctor before taking anything, Please!!

  • You are blessed if you only have yellow eye whites and few crisis. Drinking plenty of water can't hurt you.

  • Really, think you need to see Dr. sounds like you are jaundice which is deposition of bilirubin, a pigment generated from the breakdown of hemoglobin. You need BLOOD TRANSFUSION

  • I completely relate, I have yellow eyes as well.

    The Doctors will tell you that drinking plenty will get your eyes whiter, bear in mind I said whiter not white.

    I drank ten liters of water in one day, and my eyes did get whiter, but I was disappointed at how yellowish they still looked. The only advice I can give is that you should embrace it. It took me a while but I have, it's something unique about you. Now when I talk to someone I always look deep into their eyes.

  • thank you all.

  • It very easy get a bone marrow transplant

  • I go through the same thing. I'm 23 now and was born and raised in America but I'm Haitian. I'm definitely very lucky because i have a crisis maybe once or twice a year. I have other mild painful episodes but I can usually manage those at home. I'm still looking for different ways to make them whiter. I'm learning how to embrace them and some things I have found that help are eating healthier.

    Lots of fruits and vegetables; drinking tumeric & honey tea, and eating almonds. Those help make my eyes less yellowish but still yellow. I'm pretty sure a blood transfusion is what would fix the problem because of all the bilirubin in your bloodstream.

    Hope this helps and if anyone finds a solution please share!

    Thank you

  • Make lemon juice.

    Method I used that worked for my son who is SS.

    Take one 🍋 lemon

    Cut in half and juice it.

    Take about a cup of hot water and add some real honey to it, dissolve the honey and pour into the line juice.

    Add some ice cubes if u like and enjoy.

    By the next day ur eyes will start clearing out. I guess u can do this three times in a week for starters and subsequently once a week...it will definitely clear out in a week. I read that it helps restore the liver and clear the system of bilirubin which is responsible for the yellow colour in your eyes. I hope this helps.

    Other juices u can try are tomato juice and lime juice.

    God bless and keep you.

  • Thank you all for the help. :)

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