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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Incidentally my enquiries with the sickle cell society led me to register with this community as I didn't know it existed, great place!!!

I wanted know if anyone knows about any insurance companies out there that can provide people with sickle cell mortgage indemnity insurance (i.e. insurance that covers someone when they take out a mortgage) they are sometimes called decreasing term insurance

There seems to be an unfair access challenge out there for people with long-term conditions to procure insurance generally especially people with sickle cell which is often categorised as a type of anaemia

Generally the insurance companies are ignorant about sickle cell which doesn't help matters.

Has anyone bought a house recently, if yes, are you insured???????

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Hello and welcome. Which country are you in?


Hi there;

Thanks for your reply, I actually live in the UK


We suggest getting in touch with Eunisure, in that case!


oh thanks zoe, I will get in touch with them and then feedback, do you have any idea whether anyone has used them successfully?


Due to confidentiality, we don't know, but if you're willing to share your experiences, we'd love to hear!


Hi there, the only insurance I have at the moment is with metlife and it's for hospital admissions. It pays you for a maximum of 90 days a year. The money covers most financial loss you might aquire during your stay in hospital. Anyone interested in this can contact me on to put you in contact with the person that signed me up. I will also check out the Eunisure. Good luck.


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