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Hello my name is Cazzera, and I have not replied for a while, as I am doing so much much research to educate for Sickle Cell Disease which I suffer form myself. I would just like to advice the post about having sickle cell trait and suffered fro years. Although I am not medically trained I would advice you to get tested again for not only sickle cell trait but for another form of sickle cell disease. For example thalessemia as I am 90% sure that sickle cell trait does not give pain. Some doctors have been wrongly giving advice that S.C.T gives pain. More than likely your other parent is a carry of some other abnormal gene that is part of S.C.D. Please if anyone is a carrier of one gene and having pain, get tested again as you should not have pain with S.C.T. My son is also a S.C.T and has led a normal life with no problems, ever.

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People like myself post these comments & experiences up to put it out there & share. Maybe someone has had even a similar experience. That 90% you're so sure of not being a licensed MD. of any kind & maybe just maybe I may fit into that 10 percent of uncertainty. I no what i have & have had all my days of my existence. For those of you that would like to share your experience with the disease please im all ears.

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Id say those doctors that you say have given the wrong advice are the rare ones that actually listened to those of us with problems related to sickle cell trait without blindly saying it doesn't cause a problem. Iam sure there are many people with no symptoms but not all


Thats fine, just sharing. I just believe more research should be done!


Hi Cazzera, at present, due to the state of scientific research, just as we can't say with any confidence that sickle cell trait DOES cause pain, we cannot say it DOES NOT cause pain. A lot of research is needed, but certainly some people seem to have no problems whatsoever with trait (while others seem to).

For the record, thalassaemia is not a form of sickle cell. If you mean carrying one sickle cell gene and one thalassaemia gene, this produces a form of sickle cell disease which you'd definitely know about! While some people do have sickle cell disease and don't know it until they're older, this is highly unusual. That said, it's always worth getting genetic tests done for haemoglobin C, D and E, as well as the thalassaemias, whether you think you're a carrier or not.


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