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Diagnosed with AVN due to SCT

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Hi, I have SCT and have recently been diagnosed with AVN in both hips with the underlying cause being that I have SCT. Aswell as early signs of Arthritis My consultant states that steroid Injection could make it worse and he has referred me to see a surgeon to dicuss options and receive advice regarding having a operation has anyone else been diagnosed with AVN SCT related and have had a operation or is there anything else that would help without me going down the operation route.


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Yes I’ve been diagnosed with AVN due to sickle cell in both hips. One hip was hanging on by a thread and couldn’t be saved. The other hip was spared due to an operation called core decompression of the hip. It strengthens and reinforced my hip to prolong needing hip replacement surgery. So the core decompression may be the right thing for you. Maybe you can ask your Dr. about this. Hope this helps.

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