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Hepatitis B vaccination

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Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you all well. I have an 8 month old who is SC, the consultant has recommended she be vaccinated against Hep B. Can anyone with Sickle Cell or a child with the disorder advise if they have been vaccinated against this and if they find it to be beneficial. With her having to be vaccinated against so much I like to know the benefits as she has to go through enough as it is.

Hope to hear your views.

Kind regards

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Do not Allowed them to vaccinate your child at such a young age these people are killing us with they vaccines Do not trust them I am sickle-cell trait Do not trust them


It's totally your choice so don't allow anyone to pressure you into it if you don't want to or are not sure. I've chosen not to and have had no problems. There's just too much controversy surrounding vaccines so I don't see what benefit there could possibly be. Feel free to message me

Thank you, I am definitely taking my time to make my decision I won’t let anyone pressure me to do what they think is right. I will do what I think is best for my daughter.

Its up to you but id say Don't vaccinate...my mothers never allowed me to be vaccinated and for good reason...


As someone with sickle cell your child is going to need some blood work (transfusions etc) in the future. It is pretty much standard procedure to vaccinate sickle cell people for pneumococcal, Hepatitis B etc.

Talk to your hematologist about your worries, but administering these vaccines is now standard for SC people.

Yep I’m fully aware of what she may need done in her lifetime and what may be standard. What I am asking for is people’s personal opinions to help with my decision making I don’t just want professional ones. Thank you I guess for yours.

I have had all the recommended vaccinations from my haematologist and have not had any health problems with my SCD. I am 35 and had my spleen removed when I was 6 years old so I’m prone to infections. Think the vaccinations just give my body the added protection. Good luck with your decision.

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Samrichards07 in reply to Floe1

Oh wow, thank you for your input. Your spleen was removed at 6 :( Glad your doing well though. I think I am going to allow her to be vaccinated I just like to make well informed decisions. I think the fact that I know I’m going to travel with her to the Caribbean, she will need the extra protection if the inevitable arises and she had to hav a transfusion overseas. It’s just so hard for me to see her poked and prodded all the time...I guess I just have to support her and build her up to be strong.

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I 100% agree with you in terms of building her up to be strong, my mum did the same with me. Needing the extra protection is definitely needed when traveling even for someone who hasn’t got sickle. For us it’s just being mindful with our bodies and mind that we can still be the best we can be. The extra pokes and prods although hard to witness may prevent the long term hospital visits and days off school, work etc

From the sounds of it your doing a great job for your daughter she’s lucky to have you and making sure you do your homework is part in parcel of being the best mum you can be. Keep up the good work and enjoy your holiday x

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Samrichards07 in reply to Floe1

Awwww thank you so much, your comment brought tears to my eyes. It’s not easy being a mother let alone a mother to a child with Sickle Cell, in order for me to get through I always have to put my feelings aside and overcome. My daughter has a long journey ahead of her but I will be there every step of the way, informing, educating, guiding and loving her always. Thank you again for your support and I wish you well health, strength and blessings ❤️

The reason for the repeat vaccinations, is to see whether she is immune to hep b, furthermore please don’t listen to anti vaccination people, has your daughter has sc, she will numerous vaccinations, such has pneumonia vac, but not yet. Also I think it’s too early for her to have a hep b vaccinations, if your gp is telling you this , consult with your hematology consultant, who has a better idea on the vac you need for your daughter. Listen to anti vac is dangerous

Hi, thank you for your reply. Yes it was my consultant that asked for her to be vaccinated. She's up to date with all her vaccinations including Hep B and Flu. I really cannot afford not to and take any risks with my child. And in the UK they are now vaccinating all children against Hep B. I always listen to everyone's opinions do my research and make an informed decision based on my child's needs. My daughter is currently healthy and well and i pray she continues to stay that way.

Thank you again

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