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Sickle cell individual finding it to get work.

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Has anyone got any advice or direction, as I have gone to agencies, applied direct and look for jobs on a daily basis. Why am I finding it so hard, I thought we had equal opportunities.

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Hi Reynell, you might find some useful advice in this thread:

Regarding equal opportunities legislation, while this is technically enshrined in law, lots of people have found that's not the case in practice. You're not obliged to disclose your disability on job applications themselves, and you can choose whether or not to disclose it to employers (see here:

What might work, therefore, is to not disclose on applications and then disclose when you get a job to unlock the benefits of equalities legislation.

Hi. I have never disclose it to anyone employers. Is not even on list. Why should you tell them. Please fill your application forms as normal. You are fit to work that is all matters. God bless you

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Reynell in reply to QUEENPEE

Thank you for your advice, but I thought it was legal requirement to disclose your disability.

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erica14 in reply to Reynell

Hi Reynell, it's definitely not required if you to list any disabilities that you have. I have Sickle Cell Trait and Scoliosis, but I don't list them on applications. Hope you have a good/great day :)

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mmjegs12 in reply to Reynell

Hi, following the rules will not get you the jib you want, i agree with others , that once you have signed a contract with your agency or any public sector or private sector , you can disclose . I have being at my jobs for almost 11 years plus years and my boss is very undersstanding towards my illness, while at work, if i feel tried , my boss knows i am due for my transfusion, which i take days off for.

I will employ you not to let any one tell its not imposable to find a job, as you have an illness, pick yourself , smile everyday(impossible if you are in pain) . Encourage yourself everyday to fill in at least on application a day get someone to check it over . Stay blessed and stay with God

It depends on the kind of work you are looking for and your experience I don't think it's about your sickle. I on the other hand have always disclosed that I have a disability and at the interview I tell them about how it affects me but also show my keenness for the job and what they can do to support me. Under the disability laws you should be guaranteed an interview if you are qualified. So at the interview you sell yourself and tell them that SC is part of you but not you. There is more to you than sc. often I get the panel telling me that everyone has one issue or the other. Let them see your passion but not SC. Good luck praying for you.

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Reynell in reply to Della30

Thank you

If this helps to make you chuckle I am a nurse/specialist community public health nurse. I saw a post with sickle society and applied. Did not hear from them!

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Reynell in reply to Della30

Over qualified, but very much need within the society I think Della30. Lol

Work from home if you can.

My husband has worked his whole life and he did well.we live in USA and the best thing that he ALWAYS told the truth and he got sick and was a frequent flyer at the hospital.But don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. The best thing you can do is stay stress free because that's what can cause a lot of crisis.

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