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Child carrier but neither parents tested positive for trait

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Is it possible for a child to have the trait but when both parents had blood work done neither showed signs of the trait at all? Could it have been passed from the grandparents and not show up? Should I have the child retested?

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Hi Michelle, no its not possible to get the trait if neither parent is a carrier. Either the test for the child is wrong which I doubt or one of the parents is a carrier. It can't be passed from grandparents either.

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Lolamt in reply to jo19

Ive suffered from sickle cell my whole life i get dizzy and faint, yearly my skin looses its color and i could barely eat i am a carrier and none of my parents have it

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jo19 in reply to Lolamt

Sickle cell is different from sickle cell trait that's number 1. 2 if you have the trait and none of your parents do then one of them is not your parent. It is picked directly from each parent. AA AS or SS each of these is picked from each parent. Both of mine AS and AS. I picked SS from both giving me sickle cell anaemia.

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Diva4lyfe2010 in reply to Lolamt

Then my friend I'm sorry to inform you but somebody isnt who they claim to be. Sickle cell anemia can only be inherited. One of ur parents has to have the trait itself, or carrier. You cannot develop it if neither parent has it. Somebody has some explaining to do. Inthink its time for you to get a blood test

Hi Michelle, I guess you need to say exactly what your genotypes are, if both of you are AA then no. If either of you is AA and the other AS still No except the possibility of your child being AS which is not having the sickle cell condition.

The possibility however is where either of you is AS or AC or or a combination of both in which case you both don't have the sickle cell condition but there is a probability your child will.

So back to the question what are your Genotypes.

Hope this helps.

It isn't possible to pass it from the grandparents.

One of the parents is a carrier, and either isn't sure of their status or not telling the truth about their status. Some people feel being a carrier is a stigma and lie about their status to those close to them.

Or the blood work done on the parents didn't include the right test to confirm sickle cell carrier status.

Or one of the parents isn't the child's biological parent.

We just both got tested and were Hb A: Usual haemoglobin, also called adult haemoglobin. I called for both results lol

Our son is Hb AS: Sickle cell trait. The inheritance of Hb A from one parent and Hb S from the other parent.

But I'll call the Dr and verify. I'll keep you posted.

But I found out his my husband's mom is a carrier also.

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bluebug in reply to mchelle706

If you called on your own then the doctor can mislead you in thinking your husband isn't a carrier when he is. This is due to patient confidentiality and medical ethnics where a doctor only is required to give the adult patient the information themselves. So it is better if both of you go to the doctor together, or are on the line together to get the results.

If you aren't a carrier and know your parents aren't, but your husband's mother is it is likely he's the carrier.

He needs to know this for his own health as even if he has no symptoms if he has a General Anaesthetic, exercises in extreme conditions or goes to low pressured environments he is at risk of having an crisis.

In addition this is why guys lying to their spouses and children is stupid as if they ever need an emergency operation and aren't conscious there is no one to warn the Anaesthetist of this. People have died from the Anaesthetist not being aware of this as black patients don't go blue like white patients.

True. So true. And what if the child needs a transfussiin and the mother isnt compatible nor the father. What a way to find out the a child isnt theirs

My friend's husband lied about his genotype. When she had her twins they were both carriers. She isn't a carrier so started arguing with those who took the test. That was when her husband admitted he was a carrier.

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bluebug in reply to jo19

I've heard that story of the guy not telling the truth often, both in person and on programs on Sickle Cell.

There are also lots of guys who are pig-ignorant who state that if their child is diagnosed with the full disease that it is the mother's fault when both parents need to carry the gene regardless of whether the mother has the disease or is just a carrier.

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SociallyUrban in reply to jo19

I don't understand why anyone would lie about that. I have sickle cell and I don't want to pass this on to a child. My life has been extremely hard and I can't imagine how awful I would feel watching my child go through what I'm going through.

The simple truth for those who are still single, dating or planning to have a child, is know the gynotype status of your spouse before going too far in a relationship, get tested together and have a frank discussion afterwards if you discover either of you have a sickle cell trait.

Both parties have a responsibility in a relationship. Knowledge is wealth.

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bluebug in reply to JJibogu

If one of you has sickle cell trait it isn't an issue unless you are unwell with it. Most people over 25 with trait in the UK are unaware they have it as they haven't been tested as a baby.

I know no other way to acquire Sickle Cell disease or trait except that if one or both parents have the trait or may be possible via a blood transfusion, but again, I do not know. have everyone involved retested.....parents and child...was the child adopted? Is the child a step-child? Again, everyone needs to be retested by a reliable lab.

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bluebug in reply to Cynt-ann53

It is not possible by a blood transfusion.

It is a genetic abnormality not an epigenetic one or one that appears spontaneously any more. This means you have to inherit the gene from one of your biological parents.

I don't think my husband received the correct blood test. All the dr could tell us is that it was negative for sickle cell disease.

I will have him get a second opinion from a better dr.

Hi, if you both had the test you will receive a card which indicates whether you are a carrier, I have card that indicates what I am, someone is hiding an important information, gramma is a carrier what about grandad? This how you will know , for instance if gm and gd are both carriers of AS the probability could your husband is either AA,or AS or SS or if gm n gd were AC this is fine nothing to worry your husband will be AC or AA. Going forward now if gm was AS and Gd were AA your husband will be AA, or AS. Now to be honest if your husband is clear and all seems fine from his side, you need to ask yourself- what did I do ( no accusation). Biological it is impossible to have child who is sickle trait and both parents are normal, even if we’re from surrogate they would to be a screening of the embryos and the surrogate mother before such surrogacy can take place.( sorry to be harsh, but it is the facts)

I'm in the same position. My child has the trait but neither parent does. I have been asked about paternity and whether or not my son belongs to my ex husband. It was also suggested that I received the wrong child at the hospital. But I have no doubts about paternity and I don't believe that I received the wrong child

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Tavia12 in reply to Vey1

Hi did you ever figure out what the problem is? Because I’m in the same boat

Hi did you ever figure out what the problem is? Because I’m in the same boat

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