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Sickle cell and menstruation


I know someone who is sickle cell anaemic, but her menstruation is not regular and when it does come it trickles and there's no use for a sanitary pad. The problem is she's worried that this means she isn't fertile since her menstruation isn't normal. But I read somewhere that the flow isn't much cos her body is trying to manage the little blood she has, she doesn't believe that and is very worried. Please does anyone know anything about this, is it normal?

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Hi Tyrose I don't think it has anything to do with her fertility but this is a matter for professionals. Usually when the body is anaemic periods might stop but again every woman has different flow. Some people are like clock work while others can go months without periods and are often irregular. Sickle cell disease of course does affect periods. But like I said the best person to deal with this is a professional. Good luck to your friend. Ps I have a friend who is sickle cell with irregular periods and she has two kids. Hope this helps.

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