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Sickle cell trait

I have the trait and so does my daughter. Tonight I decided to look up on line to see if others have the muscle and joint pain that I carry in which I believe stems from the trait. I asked doctors many years ago if the trait had anything to do with the pain and like everyone else they said no there is no effect . Well like most of you I beg the differ. Since I was a teenager and first introduce to the trait which had to be about 40 years ago I new that my body was going through some unusual changes. Now my daughter who's age is 35 is telling me that every now and again she is experiencing like pain. I'm happy to know that I'm not alone and we are not crazy. Weather change I feel brings on my crisis. I'm going through it as type this note. My dad had gout , I use to think it was gout but my Dr. Said no. I know my body and I know believe this stems from having the sickle cell trait.

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Some people with trait do have muscle and joint pain however to due to the ages you have mentioned plus the weather and what I've noticed amongst my non-white friends' ask forcefully that your GP tests your vitamin D levels and your daughter does the same.

Get a print out copy of the test result from the receptionist with the ranges. You need to wait 5-7 days after having the test before asking for the result. This is very important as some test results are ignored by doctors.

If the receptionist asks why and you are in the UK simply tell them if that under the Data Protection Act 1998 you have a right to this information if you request it. You may be asked to make a written request and have to wait 3-5 days for the print out.

Some GPs don't know when they should and how to treat vitamin D deficiency, so if your GP says go to a health food shop to buy supplements or prescribes tablets with just 800iu of vitamin D in then contact me.

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I am 65 and have the trait. I have experienced one crisis in my life. The pain was excruciating!!! The doctors couldn't find any reason for the pain,but it was real!!! Now when I go to a doctor for pain, I'm just told it's arthritis! ????? I live in the USA.


The Story of our lives..They will say anything other than agree to what is the real problem is.. My daughter has to explain why she Can't work certin hrs at work bc she has pain sooo she maybe fired


So wrong! Please keep up your fluids


I have had the same kinds of pain since about age 10 the drs always blamed the pain on my weight but now that I am 45 they say its arthritisis I have always believe that it is the sickel cell trait.


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