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Sickle cell trait but leg pains

My daughter ( she’s 8) has sickle cell trait, never really has any problems but recently she complaining of leg and feet pain, she says it just comes and goes sometimes when she’s just walking? Could this be due to the sickled cells?

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If she's only got the sickle cell trait, then I don't think the leg pains has anything to do with Sickle cell, I've got the full blown sickle cell, my younger sister has got just the trait and she's as strong as a bull, my four year old daughter has also got the trait, she only gets the cold and flu, she is strong too.

Are you sure your daughter has only got the sickle cell trait, have you had a blood test done to know what her blood genotype is?


I do believe that one can have the trait and have crises. I have the trait as well as my youngest son. He always has joint pains and heart issues, and every doctor keeps telling me that the trait cannot do that, yet they have found no other explanation. I have several autoimmune issues and I fully believe that having the trait has predisposed me to these issues. I have seen too many people on here with the trait and having crises, and having people tell them that the trait is not causing them. There needs to be more education on this issue. Every body is different, and every body's experience with the disease or trait is different.


YOU CANNOT HAVE THE TRAIT AND HAVE CRISES!! YOU CANNOT HAVE THE TRAIT AND HAVE CRISES.You need to stop thinking too much and relax.Only (SS) can have crises.

Your doctor is right.


Yes it does. I have had 8 children and 4 with the trait. Sickle Cell Trait is a disease. I am published in a child development book. Things to be aware of is going into high altitude my son went up and ended up in the hospital and almost lost his spleen. Most doctors know nothing about the disease. I have suffered horrible pain in my legs, arms and when sitting on the toilet. My kids who have it suffer more pain then the others. They also can suffer with pain attacks that affect the spleen area. Some days my kids discribe it like they are trying to walk in water. We use supplements. Fish oil, D3, Vit C, flushing niacin. ( makes your face and body get red) Stay away from sugar and have plenty of vegetables. Meat is good. Berries are the best fruit.

Learning to take breaths thru the nose out thru the mouth to keep good oxygen. Keeping hydrated with lemon and being careful in excersise.


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Please do blood test to make sure she is ss. If not maybe muscle strain. If ss, use LOFNAC GEL to help pain.


it has nothing to do with the sickle cell trait.This is coming late,am pretty sure the leg pain is no more


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