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Hi to the community ,i am a female in my 30’s of SE Asian origin

living in the UK ,i would like some help in my results

i am having difficulty interpreting my blood results ,the confusion comes as i have Thalasemia Trait (Minor)which i think could affect the FBC. I had a blood test for tiredness and some night sweats ,and recently

have been short tempered ,too .and feel like need to sit sometimes when out shopping.My result

states on the FBC result HbA1c i have a variant Hb and therefore which cannot be accurately

measured and would recommend serum fructosamine levels to monitor diabetic control

in these circumstances .I’m not sure this is an accurate test or is there beter one ?

Also i was wondering How significant is it in a FBC result where Neutrophils are Low 1.5 Range 2- 7.5 in March 2017 and now is 1.3 Range 2- 7.5 would this be connected with being a Thalasamenia Trait(minor) Carrier?

MCV 73.2 range -100

MCH 23.3 Range 27.0 -32.0

RDW 20.4 Range 11-14,5

I was wondering if Thalasemia is the cause of these results ?

The result mention Mild neuropenia and test again in 3 weeks.My GP is very vague and parrots what it says on the report which obviously i can read myself!...of repeating the test but not explaining much else.

I was wondering if there is any problem from this result ?

I was interested to know if this is serious or a type of anemia and if iron may be a good idea Ferrous iron tablets ?as i was prescribed it before at 200mg for 3 months last year .

I would be grateful for some ideas

Thank you.

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