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Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment With Hydroxy Urea

I have been taking Hydroxy Urea (1000mg/day) from last 14 years (2001) and had no transfusions since then. I am 27 years old. The crises have decreased to 3/4 per year which last 3 to 4 days. I usually use Panadol & Nuberol as pain killer and drink plenty of water during pain. I am usually involved in strenuous physical and mental activities due to nature of my job.

I have observed that if I do not exercise or do physical activities for some time, I get sick.

Any body care to share their experience?

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Hi HK786, am in my late forthies and on Hydroxycarbimide for ten years now. I must state that before that i had crisis all the time and very anemic. This drug changed my life. I have held down a job for ten years, and exercise almost on a daily basis. I would readily recommend this drug for everyone with this blood disorder as i don't like using the word sickle cell and sickler anymore.

All the best, and stay healthy.


I have been on hydroxy urea for 11 years. I often have crises when I reduce my gym exercises. But I suspect it is more likely that it is the warning signals of a potential crisis, which is causing me to reduce my physical exertions.

I find stress is more likely to cause a crisis that physical exertions.


Hi thanks for this info. It is not a drug that has been offered to my son who has the disorder nor is it one I think that is commonly prescribed in the UK. I hope to do more research into it. Thanks again


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