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Solamin - extract for sickle cell anaemia


Clinical Evaluation of SOLAMIN, was headed by Prof. H.A.B Coker, at Natural Medicine and

Molecular Pharmaco-Biotechnology Laboratories – College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria, at the instance of former Minister of Health, Prof. Eyitayo Lambo, and released at Nigerian

Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos, in August, 2006.

Results obtained in the study showed that SOLAMIN demonstrated sickling prevention and sickling reversal activities when incubated with hbss erythrocytes within the concentration range 0.25mg/ml – 0.5mg/ml. Average or percentage sickling inhibition of 89.56 – 97.95% was obtained using extract concentration of 0.25mg/ml – 5.0mg/ml, whilst the same concentration range gave 63.82 – 84.00% sickling reversal.

Human Application:

SOLAMIN, with NAFDAC registration number A7-1090L, when administered on patients, greatly

enhanced the physical development and totally eliminated the fragile nature of sicklers. Patients also recorded good and remarkable PCV and HB levels.

 Complete elimination of crisis

 Enhanced physical development with total elimination of fragile look/nature

 Cures leg ulcer

 Found to be very safe for consumption, with no negative side effect, even after years of use

 No need for routine drugs such as Paludrine, B. Com, Multivitamins, etc, while on SOLAMIN

(A feat yet to be attained by any known management therapy in the world).

The findings on SOLAMIN make it to be ahead of any known management therapy for sickle cell anaemia

in the world.



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Plss where can i get some

in reply to Ekua

Are you in nigeria?

If yes, call, 07033773350

Pls am in Ghana

in reply to Ekua


Call for more details

Do you have any testimonials from other patients who tried it? How many successful patients? Is it FDA Approved? What are the ingredients in Solamin?

I'm asking because we have to be careful. We are already fragile and we don't need false information or evidence.

in reply to QueenZelda

Hello QueenZelda,

Yes, it has been approved by Nigeria's drug regulatory agency, NAFDAC

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