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Hi my name is Dianne, I have had a very badly swollen and bloated stomach for over 3 weeks now, if never goes down it is just swollen 24/7. I have had a few tests and a ca125 which shows higher reading than they should be, I have had bad stomach ache too and back ache. My ultra sound scan is on the 17th of November. I am so worried with the size and pain of my stomach, and also my mum died from ovarian cancer at just 60 years it normal for my stomach to be constantly so swollen and painful. Many thanks Dianne x

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My grandmother, mother, and I were all diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My mother had the bloating (it is called ascites and forms around tumors). I also have had pockets of fluid around tumors but not in my abdomen so my abdomen never became swollen like hers. Ascites can also form due to other issues (like chirossis of the liver or pancreatitis). I suspect your doctors will test you for the BRCA mutation as well. I found that we do have the BRCA mutation in our family. I have had ovarian cancer for over 11 1/2 years now (every lymph node, peritoneal lining, liver, lungs, colon, etc.). I’m not sure what stage that would be and really don’t care... statistics just aren’t accurate and don’t take in consideration many factors such as overall health, age, access to doctors/ hospitals; etc). I have listened to God along the journey. He has led me down the right path which has resulted in several remissions, the proper doctors, and peace. I will pray for you as you await results but please know that there are many doctors who are suberb at treating Ovarian cancer as a chronic illness and can help you to have a long life in the event that is your diagnosis! Treatment for ovarian cancer has made large strides in the past 10 years!!

Di1968 in reply to MissyTBagley

Thankyou for that I don't even know what I actually have yet, I have just got this constant bloated sore tummy get breathless after doing very little been the doctors about 5 times but different things said, just worried as the size of my stomach out of breath easily tired and in pain. My thoughts are with you, and hope your living a happy healthy life xxx

Get it checked out

I would be concerned given family history #thereishope

Di1968 in reply to Alicel

Thankyou, I keep trying, but with no luck x

My stomach was bloated for 3 years before my c125 started rising. My oncologist that I have now told me she should have taken a cat scan, when she did they varafied it was Ovarian. So please get to the right doctor and take the test. Their are many good medications now. Take care of your self friend my prays are with you. Millie

Hi Dianne. So sorry to hear about your swollen tummy. My concern is that you are not getting scanned until the 17th. Also, I'm surpised you are not getting a CT scan or an MRI or even a PET scan. Are you with a gyne oncologist?

I would try to move scan up

Hello Dianne, I strongly urge you to go see another doc and get your scan sooner. I was in the same boat as yours and it took a month for the third doc to take my concern seriously and referred me to the right doc. It is always right to listen to your body. Xoxo

Di1968 in reply to Rachelwu

My scan is this Saturday coming and the doctor said she didn't think they wud move it any further forward, I think I wil just have to wait now, hope your ok xxx

Rachelwu in reply to Di1968

God will lead you through this, Dianne. Put all your worries and uncertainty on Him, And always remember He is with us all the time!

raesposito20 in reply to Di1968

Wishing you well. Thinking of you

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