light bleeding and possible lumps, cause for concern?

hi. I had some bleeding and painful sex around a year ago. and could feel a small lump near my c section scar. went docs and they checked me over and said all seems good and the lump was most likely a fat lump and not to worry. I was told at my last smear I have cervical lesions but was also told it wasn't a worry. fast forward 1 year. and I'm now having random light bleeding. like a bloody discharge. first happened after sex and has been happening for around 1 week. not heavy enough for a period though. I have implanon implant so I actually haven't bled since that went in 2.5 yrs ago. I don't usually bleed at all. over the past few months I have felt a larger lump/firmer area around my right ovary again and also a very small lump below my right rib cage. I don't really have any pain but it drives me insane. I also get alot of acid reflux over the last year at night whilst sleeping. I don't really have any other symptoms. should I be worried. do o need to go back to the doctors as they dismissed me before. my last smear came back fine apart from her saying I had lesions. I am concerned it may be ovarian cancer as this isn't picked up on smear or possibly endometriosis. but as I don't experience pain I really am not sure. keep thinking am I making myself paranoid. I am over weight so could just be fat lumps or scar tissue around c section. but as I never usually bleed really unsure. and don't want to waste Drs appointments if it's all nothing.

oh I forgot to mention I do also feel bloated quite often and just past week have been a little constipated, which isn't usual for me I'm usually really regular with bowel movements

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  • Hi Trayboandnoah I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this. I think getting a second opinion from another doctor is a good idea- it's always good to double check! Please let us know it goes- hoping the best for you!

  • Try to go to an oncologist gynocologist I prefer a female was misdiagnosed by a male. My ovarian cancer just for info never showed up in a pap. I wouldn't panic but ask around see if you can get a second opinion. A friend of mine had fibroids tumors, everything had to be cleaned up fibroids removed , she's fine no cancer. Try for another opinion. Best of luck.

  • Get a second opinion by a oncology Gynecologist. Good Luck God Bless

  • Please go to a gyn/oncologist right away or at least your primary care physician and ask for a CA125 blood test and an abdominal/pelvic ultrasound. My primary found out it was ovarian cancer when at first I thought it was IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I also felt bloated, became constipated, and thought it could be peri-menopause. I hope for you it is not ovarian cancer, but if it is, the sooner you start treatment the better. We are all here for you. God bless. Kim

  • I meant to say abdominal/pelvic Catscan versus ultrasound. Good luck.

  • While it may not be ovarian cancer, it is better to have it checked out. So many women I've met over the years were told their symptoms weren't anything to worry about. Have you had a CA125 (blood test) or a transvaginal sonogram? Those can help in diagnosing though they aren't infallible. That you have bleeding should be a red flag (no pun intended) for your gynecologist. If your doctors don't take your concerns seriously please seek a second opinion. Ovarian cancer is difficult to diagnose, but can be deadly if ignored.

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  • I would definitely make an appointment with a gynecologist or preferably a gynecological oncologist. It is important to have your symptoms addressed immediately. A gynecologist will probably refer you for a transvaginal sonogram and do a CA125 blood test. He/she may also send you for a CT scan if nothing shows up on the sono and depending on the CA125 results. My only symptom of fallopian tube cancer was vaginal bleeding so I wouldn't delay seeking a definitive diagnosis.

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