Big day tommow

Hello my friends so the last time I was on here I was going to have a pet scan done I couldn't hurry up and post its been kinda rough for me. I still catch myself trying to soak it all in tomorrow I am having a MRI done and I am terrified like before I told you I've been off of chemo a year pet scan show so counts by the liver so I'm guessing the MRI is to do further details of exactly where around the liver is it. I'm kinda of worried cuz I really don't know what's the next step form my understanding my doctor says it all just depends on the test for now she's leaning towards chemo by the end of this month I had my port line removed so more than likely I'm going to have to get it back in and also she says the chemotherapy I would have to take will be the strong one you know I took in that one before in the beginning I lost all my hair was very very weak just kind of scared I have faith and I am a believer and I believe that God has a plan for me to get through this to fight with all my might .I have four children my baby is 9 my oldest is 16 so that being said this is why it's even more harder for me so I asked keep me in your prayers help encourage me that I'm going to be okay it's just makes it harder when you're going through your normal things in life everyone says dont worry I try not to but I am human I am a mother and no matter what I still have to provide for my kids living on disabilty is not eazy.

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  • Sending you masses of prayers and once you get a treatment plan it will hopefully enable you to feel more in control. I'm also currently waiting fir my (2nd line) chemo start date, I recurred 5.5 months after first line. It's a bit surreal but I, and you I'm sure, will do our best to face this with courage, strength, positivity and humour. That sure helps.

    Take care


  • Thank you so much and yes you are right ❤

  • A recurrence is overwhelming and a lot to take in, especially when you have four children at home. You have a lot on your plate. Take one step at a time. You went through chemo once, you can do it again. Keep your faith and keep going! You can do it!

  • Will do and thank u

  • Just trust in Jesus. He will see you through it all I have all my trust in him.

  • Amen thank u

  • I feel your pain, Carmela! Who are these superhuman women who suffer through cancer without a whimper? This is a very scary thing, especially with your children so young. Do you have any family who can be supportive for you? Do you have a pastor or priest to pray with you? I find it very helpful. It's normal to be scared! It's good to have a positive attitude and hope you will achieve remission again but I also hope that you have made whatever legal arrangements you need to make for the care of your children. It's a hard thing to think about but absolutely necessary. I will keep you in my prayers and hope God gives you the outcome you seek. It also doesn't hurt to get a second opinion from another oncologist and look into clinical trials for new and developing cancer treatments. You have a lot to live for and I wish you the best!

  • Thanks you so much I sure gonna look in to it I do have family support I will lean on thanks again

  • Carmela123, I also have 2 kids, I know you have to be strong for them. And you went through it before, you can do it again. I will pray for you and your babies, sending love and hugs your way💕🙏🏻

  • Thanks so much 🌹😘

  • So sorry for what is going on in your life, especially with children at home. I pray that God will direct your steps and will give you peace. This is the only way I can get through my ordeal. Praying for you

  • Thank you so much prayers going up ❤😘🙏💪

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