Clinical Trials for Ovarian Cancer

Clinical Trials for Ovarian Cancer

Based on the interest some of you expressed in clinical trials, here's a video guide to the basics of clinical trials for ovarian cancer and the process of developing new treatments in the emerging age of personalized medicine and immunotherapy. This webinar with Courtney Hudson of EmergingMed will teach you how to identify appropriate clinical trials, find strategies to determine your best options, and figure out which questions to ask when making your decisions:

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  • Is this a trial in the US as I have clear cell ovarian since 2007. Now looks like it has spread to lungs. I had successful treatment with carbo taxol. Had a recurrence in 2015 in psoas muscle left side. Went on avastin but had very high blood pressure so taken off. Undergoing lung biopsy tomorrow. Drs are sure it is positive for the ovarian cancer.

  • I have exhausted all front line chemo therapies and tumors are growing the three I have. Now my doctor is looking for a clinical trial for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Belsie

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