Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer

Hi, I haven't been on here for awhile. I was on Avastin for almost 2 years. Had high blood pressure and protein in urine,my Ca125 rose and the spot near my liver grew. Was going to go back on chemo but got into a trial for immunetherapy. I started this past week,on combo of PD1 and LAG3. No issues yet. Will be on it every 2 weeks. A lot of tests to do for this,bloodwork mostly. Would like to know if anyone else is on this and your experience with it. Thanks.

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  • I'm not in treatment, but the trial looks interesting. Keep us updated.

  • Where is your study being done at?? Are they still looking for more people??

  • I am in Florida.I got lucky,my oncologist told me about this trial. You can go online to clinical it will give you info on trials in USA.

    Hope this helps. Talk with your doctors.

  • wow, that's great! let us know how you're doing on the trial.

  • I will keep you all informed with how I'm doing on this. Hope this works!!

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