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Lymph Nodes - Pain is Constant

Hello, I had surgery in dec. of 2015 to remove a 11 cm tumor on my right ovary then had my staging surgery in January 16. I have been in horrible pain and felt Sick since. I just had my millionth cat scan which showed prominent lymph nodes. I have 5-6 that are enlarged 3 that are greater then 1 cm. I've read that if the lymph node is greater than 1 cm it's bad but my Dr just wants to wait 3 month and scan again.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone here have enlarged lymph nodes on scans if so what did Dr say/what is treatment.

2. Does anyone have really bad pain since surgery?

3. How many Catscan have you had?

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Angella51, yes I'm having extreme pelvic pain and hip pain where my tumor was and wrap around my intestines, I had a radical hysterectomy like 4 weeks ago. And I will have a cat scan March 3, to make sure everything is ok. And I also have large lymph nodes in my armpits, and now I've to have a cat scan on breasts. Because they found little nodules. I've probably had like 12 cat scans, for my neck and back too. Well let me know what you find out, hang in there, positive vibes sending your way💕


I had pain for a while after surgery. It took a good six months before it went away. I took pain pills for it. But it will stop. Don't worry. Pray for the best for you.

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Hey Angela. I had all my lymph nodes removed when I had my radical hysterectomy for Ovarian cancer. My lymph nodes were benign but the doctor believed removing them improved my chances of having the cancer metasising to them. My surgery was only 4 weeks ago. I still have to get my CAT Scan and decide on the type of chemo treatment is available for me. Hope this helps you . I'd look for a second opinion about your nodes, don't think you should wait. Good luck to you.



I had 3 nodes removed and the pain is most definitely painful and if possible for you seek out some physical therapy exercise to do...6years and I still get some pain and numbness


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