Ladycare magnet & menopause & chemo

Hi ladies I'm suffering terribly with hot sweats day and night . My flushes are approx every 45minutes in the day and I'm awake around 6 - 7 times a night drenched and freezing cold .

I'm currently having carboplatin therapy and wondered if anyone has used the lady care magnet to help with the flushes and is it safe ?

I've tried everything that's in the market for the flushes and purchased the lady care magnet today in the hope it will help.

Does anyone have any experience using this device ?

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  • You can find reviews of this product online Just search under Lady Care Magnet reviews Here are two sites:


  • Hi,

    Yes the magnet is perfectly safe.

    I bought one and it has been brilliant and my flushes cut right down. I notice more too when I take it off. I would not be without it. 2 friends of mine have bought it and it is working for them too.

    I hope it works for you too x

  • How long was it before you noticed any difference ? X

  • I noticed a difference with 24 hours. My friend noticed a difference in about 3 days, so it might vary x

  • Good morning!

    I had one of these magnets and go me it wax a waste of time. I suffered horrendous night/ day sweats and still have them occasionally, this also may be due to the chemotherapy!! It's a rubbish feeling isn't it 😡😓😰...

    Best of luck honey ❤️️

    Jackie xx

  • I have noticed a slight reduction in the intensity of the sweats . I'm still getting them but I'm not drenched in sweat .dr gave me medication to help reduce them but to be honest I'm scared to take them I don't like medication and how I see it I've enough poison running around my system . Chemo sucks doesn't it 😩 X

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