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Ladycare magnet & menopause & chemo

Hi ladies I'm suffering terribly with hot sweats day and night . My flushes are approx every 45minutes in the day and I'm awake around 6 - 7 times a night drenched and freezing cold .

I'm currently having carboplatin therapy and wondered if anyone has used the lady care magnet to help with the flushes and is it safe ?

I've tried everything that's in the market for the flushes and purchased the lady care magnet today in the hope it will help.

Does anyone have any experience using this device ?

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You can find reviews of this product online Just search under Lady Care Magnet reviews Here are two sites: womanandhome.com/forums/thr...





Yes the magnet is perfectly safe.

I bought one and it has been brilliant and my flushes cut right down. I notice more too when I take it off. I would not be without it. 2 friends of mine have bought it and it is working for them too.

I hope it works for you too x

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How long was it before you noticed any difference ? X


I noticed a difference with 24 hours. My friend noticed a difference in about 3 days, so it might vary x

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Good morning!

I had one of these magnets and go me it wax a waste of time. I suffered horrendous night/ day sweats and still have them occasionally, this also may be due to the chemotherapy!! It's a rubbish feeling isn't it 😡😓😰...

Best of luck honey ❤️️

Jackie xx


I have noticed a slight reduction in the intensity of the sweats . I'm still getting them but I'm not drenched in sweat .dr gave me medication to help reduce them but to be honest I'm scared to take them I don't like medication and how I see it I've enough poison running around my system . Chemo sucks doesn't it 😩 X

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I ordered one of these last week and it was just delivered to me. I have not had cancer; I have just suffered horrible night sweats and hot flushes for the past six months. I will turn 49 in December and periods have started to be erratic so definitely peri-menopause. The official Ladycare website recommends using it during peri-menopause as well.

I really look forward to trying it out; I have been on estrogen and progesterone for the past six years (prescribed by Hertoghe doctor in Belgium), but I don't really feel it's helping. If anything, I'd like to get off estrogen as it's usually recommended not to use it for more than five years. I use bio-identical hormones, which my doctor assures me are perfectly safe and cannot be compared to synthetic hormones, but I'd still like to get off estrogen asap. Not sure about progesterone, though...

I guess that, if Ladycare works as well as many claim, I won't have to worry about any hormones...

It's reassuring that so many of you seem to be doing really well on it!


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